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When the Repubs blame Paulites; say GOOD.

Now that Obomba's won it, you can EXPECT every Repugnican to blame YOU for "Helping obama win."

There is exactly one best answer for them:

"GOOD. Serves you right for cheating so much at the RNC. -And we'll do it again in 4 more years for the next liberty candidate too.

Now enjoy your just desserts."

-Anything else you say will continue the current cycle.

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If it weren't for the Way rmoney treated RP & supporters...

I wouldn't have voted at all.

Instead I went in and voted for (not obaaama either...)

Defeat the panda-industrial complex

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Great post. I will gladly take the blame as a badge of courage.

And be damn proud of it.

THEY'RE the ones who should be ashamed.

RNC = Rotten Nasty Cheaters

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul

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Message to Republicans: Our party and leadership are corrupt, but you can change that. We can rebuild the BIG TENT of the GOP by embracing the future w/young people and libertarians. But we MUST reject the neo-con warmongers and big Govt. spenders now running our once Conservative party. By now you can see the damage of these "leaders" in our party have caused: back to back losses with ultra weak (liberal/moderate) candidates.

Join me in ridding the RINOs: Reince Prebus, John McCain, Lindsey Graham, John Boehner, and all the rest. Join me in running them out of the Party.
Join me in helping to get our Republic back. We can't waste anymore time on these RINOs - they've proven that they cannot win.
This approach let's us state our influential position in the outcome of the election without threatening the rank-and-file - and accomplishing what we want: Cut the Neo-Cons.

"Government is the entertainment division of the military-industrial complex". - Frank Zappa

when they lose, we are a HUGE BASE

however when we are backing a real candidate like Ron Paul we were less than 1% of the gop?

got to love it.

I think America DESERVES another 4 more years of so called free aide, free healthcare, free whatever else these lazy folks think the government MUST provide and as things get worse and worse the so called fiscal republicans will start voting for free aide, free healthcare among other "aide" because as things get worse you either get prepped or get ran over.

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I ran into the wife of the coroner this morning...she said they had taken the day off to celebrate (a Romney win) but it turned out differently...I had had conversations with her earlier this year regarding Ron Paul. I told her...No more PRESUMPTIVE nominees; some people are cats, not sheep, and they will not be herded! Now to get involved locally...my next chore!

I can't wait to hear it

The first thing out of my mouth will be: Are you serious? I thought I heard some radio guy not too long ago, or maybe some fox news people say that the liberty movement were just an insignificant number of Rabble Rousers made up of the misinformed, small minded know nothings or aging hippies who just want to sit around and smoke pot all day! Then again, It could have been somebody on CNN. Either way; You don't think those highly connected and successful information sources with so much clout could ever be wrong could they? I mean, they are so in touch with the pulse of the country and all, it must be something else that caused r0bomney to loose. There's no way it was the handful of liberty movement people. You hardly ever hear anything about them. And I'm sure it had nothing to do with the so called blowback by that small group for the criminal behavior of the GOP establishment or any of that stuff about cheating. In fact I don't even recall hearing anything about any of that stuff on the news either so it couldn't be that. I know!!! It must have been that the 0bama people cheated by reprogramming the voting machines or secret groups of former acorn people at it again making dead people rise up and vote. Either way, try not to think or worry too much, I'm sure hannity or levin will figure it all out for you. Don't forget to listen to limbaugh too. I know you'll get the answers you're looking for from him. Remember; Rush is always right. Plus, if you start talking conspiracy, people might think you're some kind of kook. (cough)
Again, I can't wait to get into it with one of the many neocon business associates who kept ignoring my attempts to educate them.
It's a good day.

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Read the comments below

All of the real wisdom is expressed in the comments below. Good stuff!

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Winners never cheat.

I think that's sufficient.


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I donno. . . "the winner" Obm cheated quite

brazenly as well. . .

Really...do you really want

Really...do you really want to take credit for re electing the of the worst presidents in our history? Do you want to take credit when our economy tanks?

Stop celebrating. Let the blood be on the hands of the GOP.

I didn't re-elect anyone!

I didn't vote for Obama, so no I don't take credit for the outcome. If, however, a Repub. tells me off for not supporting Romney, I will tell him what I've said all along. Romney doesn't believe in the consititution, fight for freedom, or believe in peace. Thus, HE failed to earn my vote.

There are a lot of others

There are a lot of others calling this a victory and claiming credit.

you know . . . .

I think Romney was just along for the ride.

Maybe someone threatened to unplug him from his millions/billions, if he didn't play the game.

He wasn't a very good actor, but he still fooled a lot of people.

The PTB knew who they wanted, but they jerked a lot of American chains--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

Hey there...you read my mind!

He was promised the gig in 2008...let McCain have this one, you get the next one. Don't know what they are promised him, but I am sure it has dollar signs attached to it or something equally enticing.

The "plan" is going too well...why have regime change?

The law cannot make a wicked person virtuous…God’s grace alone can accomplish such a thing.
Ron Paul - The Revolution

Setting a good example is a far better way to spread ideals than through force of arms. Ron Paul


Just *look* at the guy.. Never mind everything we know about the real Mitt Romney

Does anyone here honestly believe that They rammed this guy through the primaries and forced him down everyone's throats, to be anything but a loser?


well, it's important not to be collectivistic--

most of our GOP 'friends' had nothing (or little) to do with what happened at the RNC, etc.--

but they are asleep/blind.

The process of awakening continues--

I have only just begun--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

Its time for the Republicans to rediscover what they stand for

They do have a model to learn and study from for the next 4 years. Its open to all, its called the Daily Paul.

Ya, thats what you get for

Ya, thats what you get for disenfranchising 30% of your base. Keep it up Neo-Cons, pretty soon you'll be put up against the wall by the socialists just like us.

no one is going to blame us.

no one is going to blame us. That would give us too much credit and make us look bigger than they want us to seem.

Tell anyone who makes such a suggestion

that as much as we wish to take credit for this the real person to thank is Priebus.

There are no politicians or bankers in foxholes.

Problem for them is, they can't blame us.

There is no State where Romney could have won even if all GJ and RP write-ins went to him. Not one.

The closest one is Florida, but to be fair, if you claim ALL of Gary's votes (and any RP write-ins if there are any) should go to Romney (which is absurd, because some might have well gone to Obama or stayed home) then it is only reasonable to say all Jill Stein and Rosanne Barr votes in that State should go to Obama.

In that case, Obama still wins Florida too.

Regardless, even if Romney were to win Florida that way, he still would have lost the election, even if every GJ and RP voter and even every other 3rd party voter voted for Romney. That's because Obama got over 50% in every other State he won.

Face it GOP. You got your butt kicked tonight and you can't blame it on anyone but yourselves.

You nominated a sucky candidate.

Had you nominated Ron Paul, he would have won over the anti-war and civil liberties crowd from Obama, he would have pulled more independents, and he would have won.

Sucks to be you GOP.

A lot of Paul people voted

A lot of Paul people voted Obama in swing states don't think they didn't.

Most of the people you want to blame weren't at ANY convention

Check yourself.

The majority of the people you want to say GOOD to wont know what the h*ll you are talking about.

Rather than bashing people, don't you think it might be more effective to building the relationship you need for them to elect you to your GOP county or state central committee?

Duh. Yes.

This is a perfect opportunity to demonstrate how adherence to principles WINS and now we have two "pragmatic" GOP candidates who lost. Yes, the GOP needs to change, but not as the talking heads on TV say, but by embracing NATURALLY CONSERVATIVE AND CONSTITUTIONAL YOUTH like you.

Honey works a million times better than putting your foot in their *ss.

Thank you for your voice of

Thank you for your voice of reason.

"The majority of the people

"The majority of the people you want to say GOOD to wont know what the h*ll you are talking about."

The people that would be blaming Paul supporters would know what we were talking about. If they didn't they would not be blaming Paul supporters so there would be no reason to say GOOD. now would there?

"Rather than bashing people, don't you think it might be more effective to building the relationship"

Do you really think a Romney supporter is going to be nice when they blame Paul supporters. NO way, They could not be nice this whole election.

I have been called a paulrat, paulbot, neocon, traitor,terrorist for no reason, and that is the nice names all from Romney supporters. I can't bring myself to say or type the bad ones. & Not once have I stooped to their level. Not once...
most Romney supporters can't engage in a civil conversation. believe me I have tried, it never happens on their end. I don't know why they are so dang blasted stubborn.


Most supported Romney did so because they were Republican and were told by TV he was their candidate. They weren't working on his campaign, nor did most of them go to ANY caucus or convention.

When you go to GOP meetings, if you go with your purple hair and screaming "911 was an inside job" in their faces, what the h*ll do you expect to happen - they give you a prize?

Respect comes from developing PERSONAL relationships with people, beginning with your neighbors and proceeding with fellow PCs or county central committee members.

Don't like a candidate? Then volunteer to work on a pro-liberty campaign to oppose a bond or something else appealing to GOP folks so they see you as a value-add and "someone like them".

That's how you get elected to county and state GOP central committees where you need to be to control the party.

I have been telling the

I have been telling the romney guys that the new motto is 'anybody but a RINO, not anybody but Obama."

Romney would have rather have lost

than appeal to Ron paul supporters.

you are probably right about that

i don't recall mittens saying anything nice about dr. paul or his supporters, or trying to reach out to us. as much as i can't stand obama, it was a pleasure to see mittens lose.


I blame the Republican Party.

I blame the Republican Party. They're the ones who rejected fiscal responsibility, small goverrnment and conservatism. They are the ones who nominated Obama. When they nominate Obama as their candidate to run against Obama, well, of course Obama is going to win.

Let it not be said that we did nothing.-Ron Paul
Stand up for what you believe in, even if you stand alone.-Sophia Magdalena Scholl