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When the Repubs blame Paulites; say GOOD.

Now that Obomba's won it, you can EXPECT every Repugnican to blame YOU for "Helping obama win."

There is exactly one best answer for them:

"GOOD. Serves you right for cheating so much at the RNC. -And we'll do it again in 4 more years for the next liberty candidate too.

Now enjoy your just desserts."

-Anything else you say will continue the current cycle.

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OH my god I know. I actually

OH my god I know. I actually only listen while I'm in the shower getting ready for class but I always hear the same from him when it comes to the liberty minded people. He makes me sick. Can't wait to hear his reaction.... /tears.

He could try to play nice.

He could try to play nice. He is an opportunist, after all, and realize that he needs us. We'll see. I do hope he cries.

Haha "I hope he cries"....

Haha "I hope he cries".... yeah I do too but you could be right. He does try to sugar coat things a lot. We'll see what he says : )

What did Beck do? Haven't

What did Beck do? Haven't had a chance to listen.

No Apologies From this Gal

either. To be really honest tonight was the first time I have been happy since the primaries. After I saw Boehner read from the teleprompter "the ayes have it" I was sooooooooooooooo done!

Now we can spend the next 4 years getting rid of the ugly criminal neocons and take the republican party back.

First one to get rid of is Rove.

Serves them right for treating Ron Paul and his hard working, young, passionate and honest supporters so badly.

That does not mean that I support Obama .........God knows I don't .....not with adding 7 trillion to the debt and especially the NDAA!