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Judge Nap

I just registered Judgenap2016.com. Who's with me? Let's get him to run!!!!!

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He needs to run for a lower office first

If you're serious about it.

He already has. He was a

He already has. He was a Superior Court judge. Not much better office than that. Judges know, understand all aspects of law. And of course he has proven that if some don't he does at least.

Judge Nap is the logical choice

for a successor to Ron Paul. He is the only one who even comes close to him in terms of principle and commitment to liberty. He has my wholehearted support.


Napolitano Amash/Woods/Davis/Paul 2016

I've been wanting the same thing!

With Ben Swann as VP.

I'm gonna register www.dailynap.com ;)

go for it : ) sounds good to

go for it : ) sounds good to me. I'm with ya man.

Judge Nap...

...should definitely run. How can we go about drafting him?

I think we need to get this

I think we need to get this site up or one like it and just ask him and show him how much support he would have. I know he would have a huge amount of the Ron Paul people and then some.

I need some support (not

I need some support (not monetary) if I'm going to spend time and money getting the site up. I'll take input on content and just knowing others support this. So if any of you are for this then let's get started now. It can't hurt to ask him.