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A Silver Lining To The Obama Victory

This will have to be a short post, because there really isn’t much good I can see coming from an Obama administration. Of course, everything wrong with the Obama administration was sure to be present in a Romney administration: Drone strikes, Kill lists, indefinite detention, a policy of foreign meddling, government control of health care, and indefinite monetary expansion courtesy of Buzz Bernanke and the Federal Reserve. The only thing Romney added was possibly an even more aggressive foreign policy and a war with Iran, which we may very well get anyway. If the actions of Romney and the Republican leadership at the RNC were any indication, a Romney administration may have been one of the most totalitarian regimes of all time.

At least Obama will be out in four years. An open field may open an opportunity for the many Ron Paul and liberty-minded folks who have taken leadership positions in state and local Republican parties may be able to have some real influence on the process. If Romney were victorious it would confirm that those kooky liberty folks never mattered anyway, and with the new anti-grassroots rules pushed through at the RNC it would be very difficult for them to have any influence. Now they are in the driver’s seat; the establishment hacks who helped push Mitt Romney will be discredited, and hopefully many will leave with their tales between their legs, down the party hack memory hole. And if we do see a huge economic downturn in 2013 as many smart people like Peter Schiff have predicted, at least it won’t be blamed on the “free market” as it surely would if it occurred during a Romney presidency.

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best of terrible outcomes--maybe

Assuming that the rules don't change, Peace-Prize Obomba only has 4 more years of mayhem. Historically, rules get changed. Don't forget Hitler was elected.

4 more years for your average Repub to (hopefully) wake up.

If the outcome had been reversed, it would have been 4 to 8 years of "our guy right or wrong".

Also, I bet they will want Ron Paul on the news again to critique the "king". Again, good news for enlightenment.

I have a feeling

We'll be hearing a LOT from Ron Paul these next few years....and decades??

*Advancing the Ideas of Liberty Daily*

The media and GOP

The media and GOP establishment are already blaming this loss on the GOP's alienation of Latinos. As if even Obama supported full amnesty! And no one has ever shown that even the majority of Latinos support full amnesty.

I predict that Marco Rubio will be pushed hard! We must not allow that. He is part of the problem. Another neocon blowhard.

And there's this to consider

IN 4 years, the "media" will be even less the MSM cable networks, and even more it will reside on the internet. The younger generation is rejecting the propaganda and we should all do the same.

Become the media. Start a blog, start a youtube page, create a presence.

Heart and minds folks, hearts and minds.

*Advancing the Ideas of Liberty Daily*

Not coincentally

Ron Paul always did well with latinos. The message of liberty knows no ethnic bounds.

The GOP must stop the race baiting, the war mongering, and the demonization of gays, latinos and oh yeah all those brown folks overseas.

*Advancing the Ideas of Liberty Daily*

Good assessment...

And advice. Thanks

Sweet Liberty

I think I blacked out

When I wrote that. I'm on Obama overload on Facebook right now. Living in CA can be difficult.

*Advancing the Ideas of Liberty Daily*


Have an opportunity. There is going to be a great battle of ideas within the GOP. I like our chances

Change or Die

The GOP will either change, or die. It is that simple.

And if changes towards the Bachmann/Santorum mold it will die even faster.

The GOP needs liberty, or it will be given death.

*Advancing the Ideas of Liberty Daily*

in 4 years we fight the next well-funded media darling for

a place at the table. Wash, rinse, repeat. At least we wont have to see the ads again for awhile.

I'm not gonna lie

Even when we "lose", I know for a fact we are changing minds along the way.

And I have to say...it's pretty darn fun to get in there and fight "The Man!"

This movement is alive and well, my friends.

*Advancing the Ideas of Liberty Daily*


but there is a larger point to be made. Rmoney got shellacked by a very weak president with:

A Bad economy

Foreign policy in disaray

Consumer confidence below 50%

45% of people opposed to obamacare

unpopular wars

and much more.

I promise you that the GOP is stunned and some heads will roll at the RNC. We have a real opportunity.

By God I just realized

Rick Santorum was right about one thing

"Mitt Romney would be the worst possible Republican nominee"

*Advancing the Ideas of Liberty Daily*

Just goes to show

what an awful candidate Romney always was.

*Advancing the Ideas of Liberty Daily*


Between heads rolling and plain old age taking out the old guard, in 4 years there will be a legitimate chance.

The best of the worst

With no good outcome possible, I think we may have done the least damage. Excellent point about the downturn losing a free market scapegoat, but Im sure liberals will still somehow blindly blame any economic issues on it. Its kind of the statists bread and butter, a cycle of fixing what they break.

Let's make 'em go primal

And teach them that steak (liberty) is delicious and better for them than bread.

*Advancing the Ideas of Liberty Daily*