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falsehood about Dr. Paul perpetuated on the Michael Medved show

One of Michael Medved's guests today blatantly lied about the 2008 Presidential race. Instead of explaining the whole thing, let me share with you the email that I sent to the Michael Medved show that does the explaining for me:

Good evening,

I listened to part of your show earlier this afternoon, January 15th, and I wanted to correct a misrepresentation that a guest on your show, Mr. Ralph Peters, made.

Mr. Peters was elaborating on his reasons for supporting John McCain for President and he made the blatantly false assertion that John McCain is the only candidate running for President in either party that served this country in uniform. Specifically, Mr. Peters was articulating that John McCain was a man of "honor and integrity."

Please enlighten me, sir, what honor or integrity is there in lying on a nationally-syndicated radio program?

Republican Congressman from Texas, Dr. Ron Paul (who is a ballot-qualified candidate for the Republican nomination for President in 2008), served HONORABLY in the United States Air Force as a Flight Surgeon. Obviously, to any reasonable person, Mr. Peters' assertion, that John McCain is the ONLY candidate running for President in either party that served this country in uniform, is demonstrably false. Or does Mr. Peters require Dr. Paul's DD Form 256 to prove to him the TRUTH?

Mr. Peters blatantly misrepresented this fact. Regardless of ideology, what is "honorable" about misrepresenting another American's service to our country? What "integrity" did Mr Peters demonstrate in lying to the listeners of the Michael Medved radio program?

Frankly, this situation causes me to question the honor and integrity of the Michael Medved show, its host, and its guests when such slanders are allowed to be perpetuated by its host and its guests and its sponsors.

Fortunately for me the situation is mildly humorous. During this very same radio interview, you accuse your political adversaries in the media [the New York Times] of the exact same impropriety--that of lying to a national audience. I call that hypocrisy, sir.

JKap [I included my full name in the email]
Schaumburg, IL

Please contact the Michael Medved show and express to them your displeasure with the above-stated transgression and smear of the Honorable Dr. Ron Paul here. Thanks.

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We can call bomb

His show. Hold him accountable. but we need to be careful he is smart. NO CONSPIRACY THEORIES or fringe issues.

No surprise since Medved

No surprise since Medved hates Ron Paul and will do all he can to prevent him from winning, including putting guests on his show who lie.

It's Dead-in-the-Head Medved, so what else is new?

Medved overdosed on the neocon Kool-Aid long ago and has since Kristolized into the raving lunatic he is now. He hates Dr. Paul and tends to be a big neocon whackjob.

BTW, Hunter served as well.

"Welcome to 2008: The Year of Ron Paul!"

Thanks for the clarification.

Thanks for the clarification.

Yes, Medved snorts packages of koolaid on air (and free-bases, I think). But someone has to call him on his bullshit.

"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable." -John F. Kennedy


"...a nation that is afraid to let its people judge the truth and falsehood in an open market is a nation that is afraid of its people." -John F. Kennedy