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Could Hemp be legal too in WA & CO?

With Marijuana legalization passing in Washington State & Colorado, what does this mean for hemp? Could hemp be legal too?

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In regards to CO Amendment 64...

'The measure requires the state legislature to enact, by July 1, 2014, legislation concerning the growth, processing and sale of industrial hemp, but does not specify what provisions must be included, or whether such activities should be authorized'...CO 2012 State Ballot Information Booklet

good question

good question


It should be legal

It should be legal everywhere. It grows wild like crazy and is unstoppable and it is completely stupid that we import it from Canada.

If so,

hemp will become a massive boom to Colorado's economy. Thousands of products can be made with hemp. If I was in Colorado, I would start growing hemp and turning it into fuel. I would make a fortune.

sure hope so

this needs to be allowed throughout the US ....
to good of a natural product - so versatile.

Hemp for Victory!

Hemp for Victory!