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Maybe some of you are ready to join me in the GOP now?

While I'm sorry Romney lost because I saw it as an opportunity to hold him accountable to the oath he took to the constitution for the next few years, others who did not see what I was saying or didn't agree, were angry with the GOP, are maybe ready, willing, and able to join the GOP now that the election is over?

As for the GOP blaming RP RepubliCANs for Romney's loss.. I don't see it in my county, on my committee, but that could be because of the work my fellow Ron Paul RepubliCANs have been doing in the GOP? I like to think so.

So now, if you are ready, I'd like to invite you to attend your local GOP meeting. The dates your GOP meets or has an event you can attend should be posted online. If your committee is not open to meetings, for example, one poster on here has showed me how closed their GOP meetings are.. this needs to be exposed and something we can do together at conventions.. also holding the RNC accountable at conventions that are not election years.

It would be good if you coul join the GOP, attend meetings even as a guest, volunteer for events, and do what you did as grassroots but in the GOP.. after all, I'm asking you to attend a local GOP meeting or event, see who is there, see what they are talking about, see if there are any RPCANs. Just check it out.. especially if you are a truth seeker. Do not take my experience or what MSM/YouTube tells you.. see for yourself.

I plan on doing anti-war, anti-fed, anti-UN Agenda floats and drills in our local parades as GOP. Matter of fact, the things I did as grassroots, I will be doing GOP, they can pay for it. This should be a lot of fun. The GOP is ours, so let's clean it up and restore the republic.

I'm inviting you to see the truth, and help us restore the republic.

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So you were willing to vote for him and let him cause

more destruction just so you could say "tsk, tsk, that's not nice" to him?

And hold who accountable? The people destroying this country work behind closed doors - Romney and Obama are just their poster boys.

I don't regret Romney lost because now I can hold the GOP responsible for nominating someone that is "unelectable" and allowing Obama to win.

I never left the GOP and I don't plan to either. I plan to get behind Rand and will flick the Lindsay Graham crowd away from the Republican Party like a crumb off a table.

I voted Romney

to be true to the oath I took and keep my committee seat

Well maybe now

We can all stop griping at each other on who voted for who. It's Liberty we want and Liberty we must fight for. The GOP is OURS, if we WANT it. Take over the GOP like the Progressives did the Democratic Party. Never forget that the FUTURE IS OURS!

I don't like that a lot of people here are way too critical of you and your decisions, Granger. Even I may have griped at you once... But just know this, fellow rEVOLutionary, I love you.

I love ALL OF YOU, here at the DP. I want to thank EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU!

Now let's regroup, because we have a LOT of work to do! Keep your Congressmen and Senator's feet to the fires we have lit. Focus on your Communities and be a promoter of republicanism (little r). Promote Liberty at the local level and we will save our Republic from the Bottom-UP.

Again, thanks everyone here!

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I really believe

those of us in the GOP are going to be doing well these next two to four years.... I love you and everyone here too. Thank you for sharing the LOVE.


I agree. I didn't vote today, but I think I would have rather had 4 more years of Obummer, than 8 years of Romney--not that it matters all that much. I too plan on working within the R party, because unfortunately the system is rigged against 3rd parties.

I hate to see Romney get away with what he did

But happier knowing we can have a lot of fun in the GOP the next few years.. people need to take seats of they are available.

Thomas Massie Won! Kerry

Thomas Massie Won! Kerry Bentivolio Won! Justin Amash got re elected! All Ron Paul Republicans, more to come!

Very good news

Especially for the RP CANs in the states where they won!!

The Thing I like About You.....

You are consistent. Wrong, but consistently so. Stand back and let the Republican Party slither down into the dung heap where it belongs. If you can't hear the death rattle, you are even more stubborn than I think; though I admire you conviction.

This wasn't my idea

I wasn't ready, willing or able to join the GOP in 08. But once I did, when RP announced his campaign last year, I joined, and I have not liked everything I've heard about or experienced, but I do see it as a good fight that we can win with persistance and focus.

Thank you for your graciousness in disagreeing with me none the less.

Isn't it Ron Paul's idea?

I admire you Granger for sticking to your guns. We will all choose our own paths, and that's great so long as all of us are doing SOMETHING, anything to promote the cause of freedom. If I had anything in common with the republican party I would join you, but alas, I will do my own thing locally.
God bless!

The world is my country, all mankind are my brethren, and to do good is my religion.
-Thomas Paine

Not only no

but HELL NO!

Formerly rprevolutionist


You are a wealth of information and right many times. Thank you :-)

But there is much more than information and being correct many times. There are oaths, which I do understand and respect, and there is dignity, which I hold very dear to my heart.

I hope that you continue the good fight, however you may accomplish that.

I will follow this journey with those who I trust, and who I can count on through thick and thin.

For Liberty,


Right or wrong, I did vote you up.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

Each GOP has it's flaws

Not all GOPs take oaths.. that seems to be a CA thing and a few other states.. I think it would be great to write a resolution to end loyalty to party oaths. To me, our job is to clean up the GOP. Thank you for the upvote.


VET and VET well, Granger. Get more Liberty folks on your committee.

I am working that process now. I cannot nor would I sit on committee, but rest assured it is coming along.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

That's just it

I'm not alone on my committee and I love going to my committee because I'm not alone and we have some issues in common with some folks, like aith keepers, and what we don't have in common, we are willing to debate, and we do, and we win. And we are good people, so whatever anyone hs to say about RP CANs, the republicans on my committee respect us. We sustained all this stuff from the RNC and they know it, and also, they fear that we are the future of the GOP, but it's true.

I am happy.

We defeated the zionist puppet. I voted for GJ. I am happy with that as well. Now, we have the neocons on the mat. We should not let them up.

I never left the GOP. The GOP left me. Now lets kick the crap out of the neocons and rebuild this pitiful and pathetic party in the image of Ron Paul.

You never left the GOP?

I was never in the GOP, but now that I'm in the GOP, I figure I might as well do what I always did even when I wasn't in the GOP.


Sorry, I have these silly things called morals and ethics.

"In the beginning of a change the patriot is a scarce man, and brave, and hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot."--Mark Twain

Tell Ron Paul

Seems his idea works for many people who consider him highly moral and ethical.

What you are doing is not

Ron Paul's idea. He never signed a loyalty oath that might have possibly in any way been contrary to his principles. He did not support Romney, because that would have been contrary to his principles. In 2008 he publicly refused to support McCain, because that would have been contrary to his principles. And so on going as far back as you want to look.

The loyalty oath as you've described it many hundreds of time is going to be a deal breaker for many, many people here.

RP didn't live in CA

In CA we have loyalty oaths, and that's the way it is, and if I don't like it, which I don;'t, then I can write a resolution and shop it around to a congressperson in CA to go for it.. but until something gets done in CA about loyalty oaths, they are part of the package in CA and other places.

It's not about Ron Paul, but his message and getting that message materialized. If that means I have to take a loyalty oath, I did.. because it assues I have my elected seat to materialize the message where I live. That is not my idea.

If the loyalty oath is the hang up, than people need to learn, that by running away, you keep it on place.. it is by joining and changing.. and this is exceptionally hard for many people who may have or like political/power asperations.. Ron Paul's principles, he did not, nor do I or many RP CANs I know.. I think this is why our rEVOLution will work.. and we will win.. sit back and watch us if you prefer.. politics is not for everyone.. spectator sport for most.

Do you imagine that if he DID live in CA

that he would have signed an oath that might require him to support Romney? I can't imagine that.

I imagine he would

As he took an oath to the constitution, and as he votes for pork for his district.. He has said many time, the rEVOLution is not about him, but about the message, so whatever it takes to get this message materialized is key.

I think we've drilled down to the most basic points

on which we disagree then.

Politics is a dirty business

One reason I have been posting about my experience in the GOP is that I never thought I would join the GOP. I got sick. Checking that GOP box was one of the most difficult things I have ever done, because I felt like I was betraying my principles, which I did not agree with Ron Paul 100%, and he seemed to not agree with the GOP at all. How was that? I agree with Ron Paul much more as I've come to understand his position, princilpes on issues.

I wanted to be a national delegate for Ron Paul. And I became one, though Romney won CA so his delegates went. Along the way I had to join the GOP, and that led to a committee seat, that I worked for, once I saw my local GOP.. when I saw who and what was my local GOP, I immediately felt grateful to Ron Paul because it was nothing like I had imagined. It's like the GOP is a MSM fabrication. I had no idea I was under MSM influence, I don't even have a TV or want one.

I think many people who have issues with the GOP, loyalty oaths, politics, dirty politics have issues.. but no solutions. Ron Paul has a solution, and that solution is his message, "Restore the Republic", and to do this is from the GOP, which he remains a member, and Rand is, and many hard working republiCANs, some who took loyalty oaqth in the county clerk's office like I did because that's what it takes to become a committee member and a delegate.

The principle is that in all battles there are spoils. Some people say you don't compromise. Sometimes we all compromise.. do I sign a loyalty oath and keep it to remain in the GOP to restore the republic? do I not sign and remain in the streets rallying, protesting, hoping my antiwar letters to the editors get published in the paper, or do I keep the seat knowing my letters will get published?

Do I give up my seat and hope someone has an antuwar float in a parade this year? Or do I chair a committee that takes money from the GOP to make a anti-war GOP float? Can I do more good with or without the seat? I could break my loyalty oath.. but what kind of principle is that?

Mine is to stay in the good fight in the GOP, where a resolution about loyalty oaths should come up to eliminate them.. that is the principle in action.. I didn't have a choice to keep my seat or be a national delegate had I not signed that loyalty oath.. and if it were not for Rand endorsing Romney, I wouldn't have understood exactly what I had signed.. that the GOP intended to hold us to our loyalty oaths.. I saw it as justice to hold us all to the constitution. What sweet revenge that would be.




Happy Libertarian


what will you do for the liberty movement the next 2 years?