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Liberty's time is NOW!

The fiscal cliff is looming, inflation is on the horizon, and Obamacare taxes are about to go into effect. By this time next year we will be in the grips of another recession. The loss of Mitt Romney could be Liberty's greatest windfall!

Romney would not have turned the country around, but he would have slowed the decline. The people of this country are going to get what they deserve for re-electing Barack Obama again. The decline is going to be fast. Its going to be painful, in terms of freedom and money. Gas will be $6.00+ a gallon in two years. The debt will be approaching 20 trillion. Food prices are going to double. It will be like nothing anyone has experienced in their lifetime.

If Romney had won, the blame for what is coming in the next few years would have been placed on him. The midterm election in 2014 would have landed in the hands of Democrats and the Presidency, most likely, in 2016.

Now the blame will be placed squarely where it belongs, Barack Obama and the (Progressives) Democrats. The county is going nowhere but down. We need to be ready. Come 2014, the country is going to be desperate for a change. We need to be at the forefront of that change. Social Conservatism has had its chance and it has FAILED! Liberty and Fiscal Responsibility need to become the new mantra of the Republican party.

I HATE the Republican party. I hate what was done to Ron Paul and Liberty supporters over the past year and they have received their just rewards for trying to oust us. Now it is time to oust THEM! I know there are many Liberty supporters who have written off the Republicans and gone to other parties, or maybe given up all together, but we can't do that.

Like it or not, it is a two-party system. The cards are stacked against a third-party and a vote for them, while it may make you feel good, doesn't accomplish anything. The only way we are going to save our Constitution and our country is by changing the Republican party from within.

This is our only hope. It is our mission. In two years at the mid-term elections, we need to have fiscally-conservative, Liberty-minded, Constitution-carrying candidates ready to challenge the status quo.

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I think most of us agree on that. I see Hillary VS Rand Paul in 2016 with Jesse Ventura in the mix just to make it interesting.