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Don't blame us, folks, blame the GOP

I am in one of the key "swing" states, which also happened to be a state where Ron Paul was not accepted as a write-in candidate. Therefore, I voted for Gary Johnson.

Already, there are people - among the closest people to me - who are beyond furious with me, and claim I jinxed it, I am "representative" of the margin who could have pushed Romney over the edge to win.

And this is what they have confused: it wasn't me, or us. It was the GOP.

The Republican Party refused to get behind the one Republican candidate who had a passionate following (and this goes back from the present to 2008, when they wouldn't even assist him to get into the FOX News debate). People couldn't get passionate about Romney, or McCain. There were yard signs here, but I saw no bumper stickers. From Romney supporters I got shrugged shoulders, and "it's better than Obama" ("it," not "he"). It was the tepid acceptance Romney has had here and across the country from the start: "Alright, you can stick that sign in my yard, but I wouldn't dream of going out of my way to buy a bumper sticker about it."

People were excited about Ron Paul. He had the highest attendance records at his appearances campaigning. He was the most favorable candidate when polled against Obama. He had more grassroots support groups across the country than any other candidate. He was polled as the most likeable candidate. He had the most active duty military support, and the most individual donations.

The GOP still refused to support Ron Paul. Even when we warned the GOP would not win without the Paul vote. Even when we promised Obama would be re-elected if we were ignored.

I made over 5,000 phone calls for Ron Paul during the primaries, went to sign wavings, applied to be a delegate, gave out brochures, and took time away from my job and my marriage. I emptied my bank account for every phone bomb until I couldn't officially give any more, and then I bought store merchandise instead. I gave Dr. Paul, a long time Republican in the Republican Party, more man hours and more heart than I've ever given someone who I've never met. We ALL did everything we could, and the Republican Party not only ignored our concerns, but orchestrated to have our delegates shut out, kicked out, arrested, tricked, and left in the dark. They sent fancy lawyers to our conventions to try and get the rules bent for Romney. They threw their (our) big money behind Mitt, and held hands with the media walking off into the Ron-Paul-doesn't-exist sunset mirage. We said again and again through word of mouth, social media, and every news outlet who would hear us for nearly two years that if these notions of liberty and freedom were ignored by our party, the consequence would be a second term for Obama. And there you have it. We were right, but we feel just as sick about it as anyone. Probably more sick.

Of course, those who have listened to Ron Paul are more inclined to believe that both of the two "main" candidates represent the same status quo anyhow, and for us it was a loss either way. We tried our best to get an honest candidate through one of the "main" parties, and were thwarted by the party itself. How then could they expect our votes?

Next time, Republicans ought to be more inclined to listen to us. Next time - after the support a good portion of our movement no doubt ended up throwing to third parties instead - the process will be more open to candidates, and people will begin to see the pitfalls of the current duopoly.

And if not, we are certainly not the ones to blame. We, who put more spirit and hard work into a campaign than anyone, are the ones with a right to be miffed, but I for one won't be angry at anyone, because I too was once fooled by the status quo. It will serve us best to stick to our principles, keep our heads high, and the truth on our tongues. Eventually and inevitably, it will prevail.

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I feel your pain. I have had

I feel your pain. I have had an earful from co-workers about how its my fault Obama was re-elected. Sorry, but Romney/Obama never had my vote. If the GOP wants to be a player in the future, maybe they need to look to their own behavior instead of alienating life-long republicans like myself.

The human race divides politically into those who want people to be controlled and those who have no such desire. - Heinlein

Hear Hear!!!

Loved your post. Damn straight! If there is anyone to blame its the Tyrants in the GOP and corrupted banksters behind the show! All you Patriots did every thing you could to try and steer the US of A back towards liberty!

The battle has just begun! Go you Patriots, I'll do all I can from Australia!

End the Fed!

RP 2016!

The GOP could not defeat a man who is quite possibly the worst president of all time (with the possible exception of the one before him). Time to fire Rush and Hannity and Reince and Karl.

RP 2016!

Most would have had to try

Most would have had to try and lose against obama, goes to show Romneys complete lack of real support!
So Mitt, Electablity? Do you have any Sir?

The GOP lost this election for themselves, just like the last

They chose a candidate who lost to the last one who lost to Obama. DUH.

I am Republican and my conscience has not allowed me to vote for the party 'presentation' for 3 elections now. :(

3rd write in - 3 strikes; out. I will be changing my registration to Independant and hope for a better party to come out of the ashes. I am not Libertarian. I am not Democrat. But I am Republican...... not republicon, republiCAN or whatever.


voted Gary Johnson in FLORIDA so I know how you feel.

"Endless money forms the sinews of war." - Cicero,

I feel very much the same way

I'm not celebrating Mitt's loss. We all lost when Ron Paul lost. I had already accepted that, and it really couldn't matter to me one way or the other who won. Still, my family really, really wanted Obama out, really bad, and I don't blame them. Good for you, sticking to your guns in a swing state. Just know that Obama won by such a huge margin that your swing state inevitably didn't matter in the end, either.

"Moderation in temper is always a virtue; but moderation in principle is always a vice." -- Thomas Paine


I thought I had accepted it, until I left the polling place and it hit me all over again how sad I was that I couldn't color in that circle for Ron Paul. I really feel that I earned the right to.

And on top of that I'll be pummeled for at least a good week (hopefully not 4 years) by both spouse and family. But what's funny is, all of those angry with me are also ones who said they would have voted for Paul if he was on the ballot as the Republican candidate. So I tell myself maybe they're really mad at themselves, deep down, that they didn't stand up for what they really wanted instead of taking the mystery meat (Mitt) shoved in front of them.

That felt good

Sorry for the just came pouring out :-O Seriously, though, my spouse even threatened to divorce me over "letting" Obama get re-elected! I get the distaste for the way things are right now, but I am going to be true to my conscience, and will not settle for choosing the "lesser" of two poor choices again.