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Liberty lovers! Show the GOP we have things in common!

In the Republican primaries, Ron Paul supporters (Liberty lovers) showed their might; two million strong -- at least the ones that voted. We were cheated out of a lot of state wins.

Going into the Republican convention we were beaten while we were down. Going through a battered process leading up to the convention, we still expected fair treatment; we got none of it.

The GOP effectively said during those days, we don't need you. You were a distraction. You are not the future of the party.

Republicans lost because of Liberty lovers.

The GOP will have a lot of soul searching; they are at a very vulnerable time. And we have the pieces in place.

We have Liberty candidates in congress. Rand Paul is the Liberty leader in the Senate. Justin Amash is now the Liberty leader in the House. We will hopefully add another leader of Liberty to the Senate in 2014, Tom Davis of South Carolina. We have the first GOP chairwoman, Ashley Ryan, in Maine. We have taken over the GOP parties in quite a few other states, including Iowa, Nevada, and Alaska.

While our protest votes today were admirable, as you saw, the system is too corrupt. The deck has been stacked against us.

Just like he's always been throughout his career, when Ron Paul has told us we must work within the system to receive the gains, he was right. We all held hope that maybe we could break the chains without doing so, but it's clear now, we still have more work to do.

Let's not get discouraged. Continue to build up our ranks within the GOP. Do NOT leave those that are already in hanging on without our support. A Libertarian wing has been established within the GOP. Don't turn a blind eye to the progress that we've made. While the gains in the GOP aren't overwhelming, they're there. And the GOP is at a weakened state right now, they are ripe for the taking.

The next election cycle comes in 2014. Get involved. Educate current Republicans you know. It's not hard to get them on board. I live in South Carolina -- a state people believe is a Republican cookie cutter. But they're actually the easiest to tap into, and I've steered many to the ideas of Liberty already.

It's time to RELOAD!

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Hurry, Step Up!

Grab the steering wheel of the Titanic. Knock Reince Priebus out of the way. Remember, the Titanic is so well built, it can never sink.

I'm telling you. One of the

I'm telling you. One of the biggest reasons why Mitt Romney lost was because he's basically the Republican version of John Kerry, whom he called out for being a flip-flopper back in 2004. Remember that flip-flopping debacle from John Kerry?

The ultimate reason, though, was his cheating. Yep, we all know he cheated his way into the nomination through voter fraud, voter suppression and etc.

Take over the GOP? Why - the brand is DEAD

You have witnessed the death of a party - why join now - they will only have you since they are desperate fools at the end or their ropes.

Time to start a new party.

You should know that

You should know that Republican bosses would never let the party die.

All they have to do is change their platform. You will see their platform open up a bit more towards blacks, latinos, and women. However, what better way to welcome new people to the party than Liberty?

The Republican Party is desperate right now.

They thought they could win without libertarians and Ron Paul Conservatives. They gambled on the past and lost. Believe me, your rank and file Republican's attitude is going to change tremendously towards Ron Oaul Republicans. They need us and they know it and they gave something we want - a major party.

Yep! And when we make it in,

Yep! And when we make it in, we're going to open the front door and let all lovers of Liberty in!

Yes Indeed !

Lets do this !

"If ever time should come, when vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in Government, our country will stand in need of its experienced patriots to prevent its ruin."
Samuel Adams

Even if the Ron Paul Republicans didn't sink Romney...

...the GOP's refusal to accommodate the insurgent libertarian/constitutional conservative voters did.
You are right on the money about our future. The path to restoring the Republic and our individual liberties lies through the Republican Party.

The insiders know this; that is why they have been pushing so hard to get us to leave the party in disgust.
That is why they have been trying to discredit Rand Paul and get us to dismiss him as a political leader.
That is why they had Romney ram through the anti-grassroots rules at the RNC.
That is why they have been sewing dissension on the Daily Paul and voting down anyone who suggests building bridges to the rank and file Republicans.

The Virtual Conspiracy

Screw the RATpubliCONS. I'm

Screw the RATpubliCONS. I'm so glad they lost last night.

Actually, Romney and the

Actually, Romney and the other Republicans that lost today shot themselves in the foot. Todd Akin's idiotic comment about whether or not a rape is legitimate destroyed his Senate campaign and Richard Mourdock's foolishly worded statement about a human life being "God's will" in a criminal act of rape is what cost him the Indiana Senate race.

Votes for Gary Johnson and write-ins for Ron Paul don't total the "difference in votes between Obama and Romney" in Ohio and Florida. Look at the numbers and add them up. Florida is close to that claim but not quite (46,000 difference while Gary got 43,000 there) and Ohio was 100,000 votes difference while Gary got 48,000 votes there.

Voters for Gary or Ron do not deserve the credit or the blame for Romney losing those states, so don't say what isn't true. Romney lost those states because of his own duplicity, flip-flopping and past record of liberal governance in Taxachussetts.

The message to the GOP should be clear: stop trying to win "at all costs" with two-faced milk-toast "moderates" to the point of rejecting every principle that the party used to stand for. Get back to consistently defending what made America the land of the free and the home of the brave: the Constitution and individual liberty.

bottom line, we did have an

bottom line, we did have an effect by holding the corruption in the gop accountable. You cannot measure the number margin's since you have no exact numbers on impact. I have friends that are from all parties that did not vote for mittens. You cannot add ron paul votes or gary votes and even come close to the number or impact we had on the elections.

The gop elected obama by their actions against all republicans and voters not just gary and ron paul voters.

We had a huge impact.

just remind voters when they say we elected obama by not voting for romney. Just remind them the corrupt est,rnc and romney camp elected obama by their corrupt actions toward republicans.

Ron Paul 2016

Meanwhile, in GOPville

Rush Limbaugh overdosed again and Bill O'Reilly's head split open.

There will be more

There will be more disillusion and apathy among the the Republican Party base following the loss of the presidential election: a fertile environment for new ideas and new faces. Onward.

“Wasting a vote is sometimes voting for somebody that you don't really believe in."
-Ron Paul

The G.O.P. No Longer Exists. It Is Finished.

The G.O.P. No Longer Exists. It Is Finished.

Didn't you know that?


Wisdom Strategies


"Rape pregnancy is a gift" and "God hates Fags" will never sell again in America! The GOP extreme brand has been destroyed. The midwestern whacko evangelical haters have been beaten into submission.
Access to birth control will never again be an issue for women. The GOP scum have been crushed and will never recover. Thank God.

Yeah, that worked great in Tampa..

That winning over the GOP from within has a major flaw. They don't give a fcuk about rules.

Now it's about the Constitution and the fight to defend it.

We are the future!!!

There are millions of us and we are growing !!! THE OLD GOP IS ROLLING OVER AND DYING OFF!!! WE ARE THE FUTURE!!!




RP says were in this for the long hard slog. Im thinking he ment a REALLY long hard slog. man he is just so patience, I guess if you've been fighting for Liberty all these years their is no turning back.

I want to say that this is my first year on the DP and Altho i'v said some stupid shit before, im here with you guys to the end.

His name is Edward Snowden

What is Capitalism?


Lets do it!

Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves. - Matthew 10:16

I'm with ya!

I'm with ya!