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You Cannot Win if You Cannot Imagine

It does not matter what we decide,
What matters—is the depth of the divide.
Both sides reject inalienable rights,
Each side seeks to FORCE their rites.

Thus, the future trend is fascist ideology,
What their pressure groups cannot see,
Is that neither of them will gain anything—
‘cept crumbs—for crony is pulling the strings.

Humans living under collectivism’s thumb,
Become victims of an impartial destruction.
They scratch n claw an’ hurl nasty charges;
Behind the curtain crony’s partyin’ an’ livin’ large.

Dems are most gullible—but Rs buy it too;
For crony’s crumbs—they give up their values.
Crony smiles and winks as he skims the cream,
For just a few crumbs—he bought their dreams.

T Kosciuszko

Principles are either valued, or they are not.