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WE had the BEST campaign team!

While watching Obama's 2012 acceptance speech tonight, I heard him mention his campaign team as being the BEST in History! I fully disagree. It is safe to say that WE have seen the most heartfelt and devoted grassroots support, by our people, during the campaign of Ron Paul. Yes, we are aware that Ron Paul suffered certain losses due to the blatant fraud of many (hello, Charlie Webster)....and that our Good Doctor was "blacked out" by msm.
But on a very serious level, Team Ron Paul took HUGE steps to support our candidate in ways that had never been done before. I sooooooo salute those very people who went to great extremes to accomplish the huge goal of spreading the name of Ron Paul!!!
I will conclude this by saying that I voted today in Northern Wisconsin. During these past few years, I have been a full-on RP supporter....so y'all know who "I" voted for!!!

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