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Ron Paul is Headlining on Know Your Meme

Hi all,

If anyone is restless and looking to show the Doctor some love, I noticed that Know Your Meme has Ron Paul on the front page. If anyone were so inclined, you should post a comment, share the link, like the page, etc. There are a lot of people who frequent that site, and it might be a good time to win some people to the cause of liberty while people still have "selection fever" link is at the bottom, and up-vote if you like the idea!


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It has Quiet a list of

It has Quiet a list of negative memes of Ron Paul that I have not seen before. hopefully we can change that.

~Good Night, And Good Luck~

Ever hear of the show big bang theory?

neither have I but apparently it's about a bunch of nerds or something.

nerds are in right now - what bigger nerd than Dr. Ron Paul?

Gary Johnson is sort of a nerd but more of a dweeb IMO.

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