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Victory for Nullification: Marijuana Legalized in Colorado & Washington!

Not only Washington, but Colorado as well! :)

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Montana nullifies Obamacare penalty

The ballot initiative strongly passed. Here's the short description:

"Would prohibit state and federal governments from requiring the purchase of health insurance or imposing any penalty for those who do not."

We expect this to go to the Supreme Court... Will the Roberts Court allow nullification by the States?

This is great news for the republic

But we need to take it to the next level and fight the federal government over big ticket issues like entitlements and war. Obamacare is the PERFECT vehicle for this. The courts passed it, and the election won't overturn it.

Legislative, Executive, Judicial - all in favor, Obamacare is happening and it will SUCK for all of us.

So the states are our hope. Let's see some 10th amendment kick in the balls to DC.

This is how we should do it:


my only concern would

be road blocks and checkpoints when you leave these states. i remember when i lived near the border of massachussetts and new hampshire people would cross state lines to avoid paying sales tax on liquor and ciggaretes and the cops would pull people over leaving the state.

I3ladeDragon,The bill is


The bill is I-502
Post it under the heading so people can at least go research it's flaws.

Imagine getting pulled over and having a forced blood test then getting a DUI for having 0.5 nanograms in your system from pot smoked a week ago!

There are more/worse flaws in I-502 I didn't mention.

It's a terrible law that fooled so many! I-514 would have been MUCH BETTER!

It measures active delta-9

It measures active delta-9 THC, which DOES NOT remain in the bloodstream for a week. Look it up.

So forced blood tests at a

So forced blood tests at a road side checkpoint to see if you have any cannabis in your blood is a good thing ?

Don't you see where this is going?

Delta-9 THC CAN stay in one's system for 3 months.
This bill is just an excuse to roll out further police state tech.
I do not trust this bill!

Pot is still illegal under I-502.

You cannot freely grow it on your own property etc.



I mean, BUMP!


What would the Founders do?

One small step for man.

One small step for man.

"Believe half of what you see, and none of what you hear." - Benjamin Franklin

Call your sheriff

If you live in one of these states you need to immediately contact your sheriff and volunteer for the Sheriff's posse. The FEDs will try to encroach on the states and the only thing that will give the Sheriff the courage to stand up to the FEDs will be that he knows he has the people PHYSICALLY behind him.

The jury can just vote not

The jury can just vote not guilty if the feds try and enforce their stupid drug laws.

I couldn't agree more!

Maybe even get a new sheriff elected if needed.

or run and Become Sheriff....

I'd likely be more of an Andy Griffith character...

There are Many Bobs...I'm the Maine Bob!


I would be more like Barney. lol

Absolutely right on!

Yes. This is a MUST.

Oathkeepers, patriots, et. al to battle stations!

The feds must be positively itching to stomp out some states' rights... Status Quobama, Holder and the crew, what with their "mandate" and all ...

What would the Founders do?

This is going to be great!

Colorado - Washington - here I come!

The slogan press on has solved and always will solve the problems of the human race. No person was ever honored for what he received. Honor has been the reward for what he gave.

- Calvin Coolidge


You mean for real legalized? Not medicinal? So I could make a trip to Colorado and buy marijuana and not get busted for it?

What about hemp?

Does this do anything for the legalization of hemp farming? Pretty sure the official excuse that "it looks to much like marijuana" shouldn't be an issue now.

i think washington also

i think washington also legalized industrial uses of hemp


I haven't read anything about washington yet, but i was reading Colorado's amendment 64. And from what i could gather, they've declared industrial hemp to be a variation of the cannabis plant, Inferring that it is also legalized. But that it is to be regulated separately from cannabis, requiring the general assembly of Colorado to enact new legislation in regards to it's regulation. But that no such legislation actually exists yet in regards to regulation of industrial hemp. Am i understanding that right?

Yeah that's the most of it.

From what I read they have until July 1st 2013. I live here in Colorado, and I'm nervous, but pumped. :)

Thanks Arpy, I can imagine

Thanks Arpy, I can imagine it's pretty exciting. I live on the east coast and i'm pumped about it as well. So much so, i'd drop everything and come work on a hemp farm for just a few meals a day and a bed to sleep in, if need be. Don't even care about the money, i just want to see this baby start walking so we can change the world. Stay strong, keep fighting, you guys are making history.

Just listening to

PBS and they had two liberal media operatives on that agreed tht obummer will likely NOT intervene or challenge the Colorado and Washington ballot measures. Not sure that I agree..guess we will find out.

I LOVE washington

I'm so glad to live in the first state to legalize marijuana !!!!!!!

"You better not compromise yourself. It's all you got."

I don't smoke it!

But I voted against the failed and very bad drug war. The WA government is replacing the lucrative drug war with probably more lucrative taxes and regulations, but it's worth the trade-off.

Still something like up to 5 years in prison for possession

in Florida. Sucks to be us.


The best you can say is you tied for first state to legalize marijuana with Colorado. However, it was declared to have passed in Colorado first and Colorado is an hour ahead of pacific time. So if you want to be technical Colorado legalized marijuana first. If not then you can say they tied. Really a stretch to say Washington was first lol.

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You mean the

SECOND state to legalize. Colorado was first because victory was declared in CO a few hours before it was in WA.
Just to be clear and all ; )

"Government is the entertainment division of the military-industrial complex". - Frank Zappa

Countdown to Obama DOJ

Countdown to Obama DOJ intervening?

Southern Agrarian

How about right now!

I'd expect to see local law enforcement stop federal law enforcement from busting up Colorado or Washington legal pot businesses. Also believe the Justice department will not actively promote continued illegal distribution by drug dealers, when the people already voted to allow legal use. Such intervention would certainly be Justice department pandering to, and supporting drug dealers, while destroying local legal businesses. How smart is that? The eventual solution: a presidential executive order excluding pot in an obsolete 'war on drugs.' Sooner the better for the whole country. There's an alcohol anonymous for drinkers, a like organization should also, in time, develop for marijuana.