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Victory for Nullification: Marijuana Legalized in Colorado & Washington!

Not only Washington, but Colorado as well! :)

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If I understand your last sentence.

It happened decades ago. NA, Narcotics Anonymous has been around for a very long while.

It will most likely....

Be the drug dealers who open all the shops as that's what they know best.

I hope so!

It's better than what they have been doing.

Massachusetts and Montana

Massachusetts, and looks like Montana too. is getting medical marijuana passed as well.

It is better to look dumb and not be, than to look smart and not be.

MT measure lost

Actually the MT measure seems to have been lost. The SB423 was not removed by the public vote, and SB423 is a defacto ban even on medical use.

bump for optimism.

bump for optimism.

How cool is that!!!!

Same sex marriage as well, which I think is awesome even though I know many here disagree.

The world is my country, all mankind are my brethren, and to do good is my religion.
-Thomas Paine

I have no interest in telling

I have no interest in telling others how to voluntarily associate with one another :]


i agree with you!

Don't worry, real Ron Paul

Don't worry, real Ron Paul supporters understand that he is against same sex marriage only because of his religion. Otherwise he thinks that marriage shouldn't even be a government issue at all, eliminating the whole discussion altogether.

Same sex union

Same sex marriages should be called same sex unions and marriage should be kept for between a man and a women. Gay people have the right to marry someone of the opposite sex as well as join into same sex unions. That's just the way I see it.

It is better to look dumb and not be, than to look smart and not be.

Marriage should not be an

Marriage should not be an institution of the state.

Sounds a lot like

Sounds a lot like government-granted rights to me; doesn't sound very natural. What's natural is having the liberty to voluntarily associate however one pleases and identify that association however one pleases, and it's none of your's or the government's or anyone else's business. Get the government out of marriage and everything else and get you religious nutcases out of my private life where I'm not hurting anyone. This religious bullshit isn't going to get us anywhere. It must be really conflicting trying to match your beliefs in liberty with your beliefs that we should use governmental force to enforce what you think is God's ideal.



I agree with Jay, and I thought it was obvious that marriage is defined by the Bible and should have no place in government. Gay couples are welcome to get hitched, but to call it marriage is insulting. Not only to the Bible, but to the gay couples as well considering that the Bible says some pretty nasty stuff about gays. Why would gay couples even want to name their union after a religious institution? This terminology mixup has been one big distraction from the fact that the government shouldn't be involved with LOVE in the first place....

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Ron E(a)RNEST Paul
truth is his middle name!

Pretty Much

The fact that you can choose your own wife, at least here in the United States anyway, means we've ALREADY redefined marriage as it was understood in the Bible.

I never mentioned the government

And I agree with everything you say. All I am saying is the definition for marriage is what it is. Why should we change the definition because some people have a different view of the definition and want to be included, or be assimilated? It is not the same thing. I am not taking anyone's right away, come up with a new word if you have to, the word marriage is already taken to mean what it means.

It is better to look dumb and not be, than to look smart and not be.

"the definition of marriage

"the definition of marriage is what it is."

According to whom, you? Whatever happened to freedom of speech? So long as I'm not initiating force against anyone, I should have the right to use words however I please. I have every right to associate with an individual of the opposite sex, and I have the right to call it "marriage" "a civil union" "partnership" or even a "blue banana milkshake" if I feel like it. It's none of your damn business, and it's shameful that you're butting into everyone's private lives making sure they use words in a way that fits within your subjective framework.

By the way, when you said "Gay people have the right to marry someone of the opposite sex as well as join into same sex unions", then you implied that they DON'T have the right to marry someone of the same sex. I'm saying that they have the right to voluntarily associate with whomever they please however they please and call it whatever they want so long as they aren't violating anyone's liberties. You sound like a liberal trying to protect your right not to be offended.


it is a biological distinction

The man and woman who make a baby are generally termed "family." Anyone can adopt - they are still known as "adopted children." People get married and divorced and have more kids - they are called "Half siblings." People blend families, they are called "step" siblings. Even married people get "in-law" relatives. There is a biological unit that a man and woman can become that gay people cannot. I don't really want to be insulting or prejudiced, but there has always been a distinction about the basis of a "family unit." That is what I think deserves held up. People are free to choose their own paths, but "the family" is still the cradle of life for our species. It deserves some respect.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

Hey, I wish discussions about dictionary definitions...

... Would be what we have to worry about right now, ;) but, unfortunately, we have a bit bigger SHARKS to fry!

Is not it a bit like getting after a guy who said "lemme xerox it!", and obviously heading towards Samsung copy machine? Or, pointing out to a sneezing gal asking for Kleenex that those were actually made by no-name tissue supplier?

And yes, I have proudly voted for both pot legalization and same-sex recognition in WA yesterday (and for GJ too!)... I am glad both passed!

Paul B.

P. S. in preparation for the glorious libertarian future, I did realize just now that I have no clue about "official" libertarian position on trademarks... If you want, we can start a discussion, somewhere in a quiet corner... My take would be that in free society people would still want to distinguish between "the original one", and a "knock-off", and correct each other in examples like above, without courts getting into play... But then, who knows...

I'm happy for you!

I was not in a state with any meaningful issues on the ballot - I probably would have voted had I lived in one of the states with those issues on the ballot. And had I gone, I would have voted for "same sex marriage" (lesser of 2 evils, truly I want the government out of everyone's marriage and bedroom.) It is not really about the definition, it is about trying to understand where both sides might find common ground. The facts of biology seem like a good spot, to me. But I just got blasted as a judgmental "liberal" for understanding how babies get made.... People sure get in a twist about those unimportant words.... Maybe they are important?

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

You also sound like a liberal

You also sound like a liberal trying to protect your right not to be offended. How can you be so quick to throw out the principle of liberty? You have no right to initiate force to get me to use words in the the manner that you subjectively see fit. I don't give a rat's ass that everyone generally uses the term "family" to mean a man and a woman who make a baby. I'll use that word however the hell I want, and it's none of your business how I choose to use it. Respect? I call bullshit. How about you respect MY LIBERTY to voluntarily associate how I please and call my associations whatever I want? Just like Ron Paul says, we don't have the freedom of speech to talk about the weather, we have it so we can say radical things without fear of punishment. If me calling my relationship with someone of a the same sex "marriage" offends you, DEAL WITH IT.


LOL - why are you trying so hard to make me your enemy?

People use the word "cool" however they want, too. And yet, it has a "standard definition" that means chilly. I am merely expressing my opinion on the matter, at no time did I say I wanted to force anyone to say anything and I certainly did not say I wanted laws made about words.
There is a reason some people oppose "gay marriage" and I understand it semantically. I posted what I have observed so that others might, perhaps, see a bit of common ground.
I don't care who you sleep with, who you live with, or how many children you do or do not raise. But biology is, and people WILL know that, no matter how we muddy the waters with shifting definitions of existing words.
If me having an opinion makes you that angry perhaps you are not dealing with your issues?
Good luck. Life is a long, lonely journey, and if you have found a partner on the trail, I am happy for you and do not give a flying fig what you call it. However, biologically, it will never be what my husband, children and I are. It just is not. It is sad if the facts offend you so.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

Why do you think many here

Why do you think many here would disagree about same sex marriage?

i think it is because some read the whole bill and some just

parts of it.it gets confused because the most of the bills are worded so that religions that do not believe in it are forced to marry same sex couples in their churches or face penalties, which completely goes against freedom of religion.Most advocates for same sex marriage do not read or ignore those parts completely.

I'm not suggesting it's a majority,

but I know there are many Christians here who are totally against same sex marriage. I have seen it discussed on here. Not even sure why I added that to my post, lol. It's irrelevant. I am happy for the couples who will be able to have the same rights as everyone else, and I guess that's enough said:)

The world is my country, all mankind are my brethren, and to do good is my religion.
-Thomas Paine