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Presidential Election Goes As Expected


Oh, all those reasons Barack Obama should not remain in the White House. All those things that normally spell predictable disaster for an incumbent. All those broken promises. All those anti-Constitution, overtly corrupt things that he's done. Not even much of a possibility you can honestly call this guy pro-American, much less presidential material. How bad does his opponent have to be for him to win the election?


We, The People, generally have no power to steer the direction of politics and policy. We are effectively not allowed to choose our presidents. We in fact, have very little influence on who the others are that take office, including our own “representatives.” A group of criminals have taken over and they're not willing to give up their power. The number of people seriously out to fix the problem has increased dramatically, but many more are needed. You have to ask yourselves, just how much devastation are you willing to endure before you become willing to do something about it? How much before you are at least willing to consider breaking your old habit of jumping on one or the other of those two bandwagons that are headed for the same cliff?

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