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Dollar Falls After Obama Wins, Fiscal Cliff Llooms

By Hideyuki Sano
TOKYO | Wed Nov 7, 2012 1:56am EST

(Reuters.com) - The dollar fell broadly in Asia on Wednesday in reaction to U.S. President Barack Obama's election victory, as his re-election was seen ensuring that the Federal Reserve's quantitative easing will be in place.

The Democrats look set to retain a majority in the Senate while the Republicans also appear to be solidifying their control of the House of Representatives, keeping intact the risk of policy paralysis over the looming "fiscal cliff" -- a sharp fiscal tightening due to start next year.

"The Fed's quantitative easing is essentially a policy to cheapen the dollar," said Yunosuke Ikeda, senior forex strategist at Nomura Securities. "Republicans have been criticizing the policy, but it seems like that policy is likely to stay."

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They will have their payback by God in HELL for all the evil they created on the earth!!!



of course the dollar falls and the market too.

What did you think?
zero is a menace to society.

You rather have a loser like obama in office? Well have at it.

You will be eating swill from now on. better head for the hills.
Jimmy Carter has nothing on this big Oloser

You rather have a person who hates whites, the flag and America? well you got it, now suck it up

Keepin' it real.

Saw this coming

Surprised at the instant reaction. Lightning fast reaction times those asian markets.