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Obama Enjoys 2% Jump In Popularity Upon Being Re-elected President of the United States

Despite high unemployment, a bad economy and record dissatisfaction with all aspects of government, Barack Obama was still able to enjoy a 2% bounce in his approval rating as a result of having been reelected as president of the United States.

The poll asked if the individual liked the president more this week than last week or less than last week, as well as the main reason why.

"I voted for him even though I can't stand him because that other guy was even worse" said a poll participant, "I still don't really like the guy but getting elected president must be tough so I give the guy props."

Another responded "I don't like the guy even more this week than last. He gets to keep his job after 4 years of doing nothing while I work my butt off and get cut down to part-time so the boss doesn't have to buy his insurance. That prick."

Answers were as diverse as the crowds attending the coronation walk in Washington D.C. January 20. "I like him more this week because applying for a job is hard but he did it and succeeded and that's awesome. Add to that the job is so lousy that only one other guy even applied for it and I've gotta say my approval has definitely increased statistically."

The poll of 103 voting age Americans was conducted January 21 2013. It has a margin of error of +/- 2 points.

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