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So losing made Romney richer?

Is it true that the loser of the presidential election walks away with a huge sum of unused election funds?

What might be other benefits of running a losing campaign?

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Maybe he bet on Obama to win

Maybe he bet on Obama to win on intrade.com

Sort of like a boxer taking a dive.


It's not true at all

Federal campaign finance rules are incredibly strict and no candidate walks away with any money at all. They may gain by meeting new business contacts or gaining popularity, but there is no financial gain and not one penny can get lost or be unaccounted for. The left over money can be used for ongoing expenses and (at least a few years ago) donated to the party.
That said, I'm sure Romney did indeed get richer by losing.

Romney's a good crook. He knows enough to bet against himself

by buying stock in his competitor's businesses, 'dislocating' a pile of campaign funds from past and future political campaigns etc.

I mean, where did the million or so Rmoney raised on Nov 5 go?

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Is it true you're a lazy sheep

who can't go research that question and instead will just believe whatever we tell you?

Is it also true that you're too lazy to research that question?

I just wanted to get this comment on here first and urge that nobody comment or do this sheep's homework for him/her.

Very rude

Stop with the 'sheep' already. It is really really old.

Maybe it was an attempt at discussion

I thought about researching it myself before posting but because of other priorities in life, instead of taking time to research a topic that isn't my passion, I brought it up for discussion.

If I was a sheep by your definition I don't think I would be asking a question at the Daily Paul. Besides, if sheep can't come HERE and learn and find some measure of fellowship politically, where do you think they should go?

You need to calm down a bit with the anger/rage and labeling. Your zeal could be much more productive should you acknowledge that people by nature ARE sheep. That's why Jesus had compassion on them... Furthermore, most gestating or lactating sheep wouldn't be able to keep up with politics if they wanted to.

Instead of hating sheep, why don't you learn a bit better how to shepherd?

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