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Post Election Analysis: Lessons learned

I am suspending retirement for this one post.

I am glad that this is FINALLY over. Congrats on all the liberty candidates who won. Kerry Bentivolio, Justin Amash, Walter Jones, Thomas Massie and others who have won are the future. Though we might not be in sync 100% of the time (and who ever is), we can trust these men and women to ensure liberty no only at the Federal level, but also at the local level. This has been a hard battle for everyone of us. We have our places in the Republican Party. We own states. I congratulate everyone who was on the ground to make these victories possible. You all are the true warriors. You have my utmost respect.

I would also like to point out the rampant disinfo on the Daily Paul. We had people guaranteeing that Johnson was going to get 15% of the vote! What happened instead? Well will you believe these people from now on, many have also smeared Rand Paul? I for one won't be listening to the LP propaganda for a long time. Also, I like that Johnson will be automatically getting the LP nomination next time around. No debate, no one can challenge him. He is automatically crowned the nominee.

I notice stories on the Politico talking about the next generation Republicans gearing up for 2016. No mention of Rand. The Rand blackout has already begun. Many on here won't recognize it because they think Rand is a narcissist. I recall one post talking about how much Rand wanted crowds 'just like his Dad'. Sickening. Rand is going to be smeared just like his dad, just wait and see. That above everything else proves he is the genuine deal. His latest antiwar speech seals the deal on his credentials. I say lets end the Rand blackout and not only audit the Fed but also audit the Pentagon!!

Rand is our most powerful ally. I trust him.

I am already gearing up for 2016. This election was a giant wake up call to the GOP. We are the barbarians at the gates. We are ready to take over. We have already taken over in many places. Look what is happening in Colorado and Washington, both states where Ron Paul did very well in the primaries. Hemp is now legalized! This is no coincidence. Our political involvement has allowed these amendments and laws to pass overwhelmingly. This is the 'fruits' (is pot a fruit?) of our labor. When I heard that pot was passed, it made my night. I was so optimistic that we can dismantle the police state. IT CAN HAPPEN!! I am not a pothead nor will I ever smoke it, but the war on drugs has been a corrosive force on our liberties. It must end.

Lets not give up folks. We have 2014 and 2016 barring the end of the world or war with Iran our fight has just begun.

Peace, I am fading back into the background. Godspeed to you all.

P.S. Here is who I voted for president.


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