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If You Believe We Live In a Republic, then Why are you Registering to Vote in a Democracy?

This conversation REALLY needs to be had here at the Daily Paul where the majority believes we live in a Republic - NOT a Democracy.

A democracy is majority rule where 51% of the people get to decide what everyone's rights are. In a republic your rights are protected by the constitution and nobody can take them away.

By REGISTERING to vote in a democracy where you are subject to the 51%, you are slaves to any one particular issue. In a republic you do not register, you just vote. Your democratic registration is your consent to abide by millions of statutory rules which are public servant codes. Your registration also grants a power of attorney to your representative who then votes on what your rights are.

In a republic, government can only make rules for public servants. Government cannot make any rules for the people without their individual private contracted consent. All amendments to the constitution must past this test where they are ONLY rules for public servants.

Hopefully that is a simple enough description to begin with. I await your questions and I hope this will be a very educational thread. I would like to start a dialog about how we restore the republic. Hint: You do not do it be participating in "democracy."

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We live in

a Democratic Republic. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Democratic_republic

It's time! Rand Paul 2016!

"Truth, Justice, and the American Way!"

Where in the founding documents

does it say anything about a "democratic republic" please?

Stop spouting the 10% horribly untruth of Glenn Beck.

Actually we live in an

Actually we live in an oligarchy. But I digress the original republic circa 1798 was not designed as a democratic republic. Democracy is not mentioned in the constitution and for good reason. The founders Abhorred it!

The republic was only a representative of the several states. We were never meant to be one big country just a union of several sovereign states for mutual defense and free trade period. Lincoln changed all that when congress adjourned sine die and dissolved the original republic with no recourse and it has never been reconstituted. The entity that Lincoln created is not the same although it adopted the same constitution with changes mainly for window dressing...

Now there is no government it is a corporation posing as government... It is the society the majority have created and chose to keep as their form of government unfortunately for those of us who desire freedom...

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Our National Government is Trying to be a Democracy

And our constitution, flawed even at the beginning, has been corrupted even more since then.

BUT, our constitution was still designed with the dangers of democracy in mind, and its framework STILL provides a way out.

The Dems and GOP are part of the establishment that created America's "Constitution Democracy" which is sickeningly being pushed in the culture now.

But the threads of the constitution still as yet hold.

Let's create a new party that is free from specific ideology, but fights to restore republicanism in America.

It IS NOT YET TIME TO ABANDON THE COUNTRY and government. There is still a constitution there. But the political establishment is hopeless. IT IS TIME TO ABANDON THE POLITICAL ESTABLISHMENT.

Let's start a new party that will squeeze in there and use the constitution and its powers to overthrow the establishment.

See here:

"Our National Government"

Is a private company slick enough to name itself "United States."

Let's start a party

of Americans.

I believe we need to focus on the sheriff and IGNORE ALL OTHER DISTRACTIONS please work this plan:

That's a good plan, but

That's a good plan, but here's what you need to make it work:

1) a website with resources to know how to do this and examples of it working, and so people can connect.

2) a pamphlet or something to make the process easy to understand so that folks can at least give their support to the idea even if they can't get involved

3) local coalitions of folks who meet to coordinate on these common goals - help educate, plus get your grand juries etc.

4) a way for local coalitions to correspond with other coalition

My idea of a political party is just a way for people in the above situation to start to get involved in the national political system. I know it's pretty broken, but I think there are enough 'sheeple' out there ready to try something else.

At a minimum, a national party could help get the federal authority off the backs of people trying to assert their influence over local authority as they defend self-sovereignty and individual rights.

This is a Democratic Republic

We have a hybrid system.

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/


In a republic, part of the law is that you have representative government.
Therefor there are some similarities to some forms of democracy.

But the United States is not a Republic or a Democratic Republic.
Our election systems are influenced so much by factors other than the pure values and wishes of the people that it cannot even fairly be called representative anymore.
And then one has to ask, because it is no longer representative, is it even still a republic? The answer is no. A republic must be opposed axiomatically to any monarchic or oligarchic system of rule by the prevailing money nobility.

The Democratic part

is only supposed to be to select the people who will be running the government. These people who are elected are not allowed to pass rules which the general population must follow. They can only pass rules that make the government be able to more efficiently handle the people's business - by their consent.

Again... STATUES - are only for public servants and employees of the government. The people are not required by law to obey statutes. The people are FREE with the one exception is they cannot infringe on the FREEDOM of OTHERS.

There is nothing wrong with a

There is nothing wrong with a republic with a representative democracy.Our problem is we no longer have a republic with a representative democracy which was the way it was intended.The represented democracy was to vote on issues as long as they did not infringe on our god given rights,that's what the bill of rights is for.What we have now is a real democracy with a majority that can vote for anything they want regardless of our rights.This will lead to a dictatorship if we are not there already.

Go to the head of the class!

Exactly right with the one exception that rights are not voted away they are contracted away by your registration to participate in the democratic form of government.

In reality, if you're not in contract with the corporation by registration, having a driver license, a social security contract or having had filled out a tax form you are NOT REQUIRED to follow ANY statutes or acts of "government."

The problem with that reality is that so many public servants have been brainwashed that you DO have to follow statutes. Your remedy then is to be mired in the study of law and being able to force the issue in a court room.

Generations ago "civics" was a principle part of education. At that time the people knew the law without needing to go to college. The Federal Department of Education replaced "civics" with "American history." Law schools do not teach law, they only teach procedure. These law schools are controlled by the banking cartel same as the Federal Reserve System is.

The banking cartel controls the BAR associations which control the court systems - the court systems are where you go when your rights are violated. "Law enforcement" is supposed to know the law but they don't - they are only conditioned to follow the orders of their superiors in a MILITARY STYLE top-down structure where they are brainwashed that the people are the privates.

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because if we don't vote

we will always get what the 51% votes for
at least this way we might have a fighting chance
of stopping some of the crap
yes i know it haw worked well so far

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence

I believe the answer is

not to vote in the democracy by "registering" and then voting on electronic voting machines and not having your votes counted in full public view. What needs to happen is for us to completely side step the current system, educate the people who vote in it about the law and restore the lawful republic of the people. Common law STILL EXISTS and is enforceable but only through tedious individual study and learning how to establish it on a case by case basis in the court room.

This post describes a workable plan to re-establish common law, by default, in your county. Two years from now there will be sheriff elections in this country. It should be priority one here at the Daily Paul to elect constitutional sheriffs who will agree to re-establish common law in their counties. You can also compel a recall election for sheriff RIGHT NOW just by gathering enough signatures.

If you do want to vote in the democracy - the quickest path to liberty is to elect a sheriff who will re-establish a republican form of government (constitutional) for all in your county. This is very feasible if we could get the grass roots liberty movement to focus on it, work the plan and carry it out.

A constitutional government is when the government DOES NOT CREATE ANY RULES that the people must follow. The government is supposed to protect rights but also enforce private contracts at the request of one of the parties to the contract (what courts are SUPPOSED to be for). Ron Paul hinted at this - the FACT is this IS a reality in LAW... important note here is that STATUES are NOT LAW. If they are law then why do they not call it a law on the document you are sent in the mail which references the STATUTE that you violated?

If it's law - then call it a law. Statutes are only VERBALLY called law... they do not call them law in writing. They keep sticking that in your head over and over that this or that statute they created is a LAW (brainwashing) when in fact it's just a corporate policy for employees of the corporation.

Once re-established in your county - you will no longer have to "register" to vote. You will go to your election place, grab a paper ballot, vote and then put it in a big box - and that box will later be opened and the votes will be counted in public view.

In order to make this happen you must ALSO support your local sheriff and be willing to join the Sheriff's posse.

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the question was why

i answered why,your post was not the who,whats or wheres
i do understand the post and your comments,they are always welcomed
i see you posted about sheriffs(good deal)
how does one go about getting out from under the corp
of the states?(ours here are rolled into the city)
the city sets their policies,and draws money out of the kitty
for their pay,vehicles,ect ect
they take orders from the city council,answer city police phones after hours,and have told me in person how they have a good working
relationship with the fed gov,and work together from time to time
yesterday i voted for myself for the sheriffs race(yes i lost) :)

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence

a republic just means that you´re living in country with no king

You can have democratic republic, or a republic with a dictator, or whatever. As long it´s without a king of an emperor a country is a republic.

In a republic

the authorities are the people. A republic is government of the people, by the people, and for the people. Everybody is equal. If everybody is equal nobody can tell you what to do unless you are infringing on the rights of someone else.

"at the Revolution, the sovereignty devolved on the people [the owners], and they are truly the sovereigns of the country, but they are sovereigns without subjects, … and have none to govern but themselves [self-government]; the citizens of America [corporations or people with the status of “citizen”] are equal as fellow citizens, and as joint tenants [by their consent to be governed through corporate charters or private contracts] in the sovereignty." -- Chisholm v. Georgia 2 U.S. (1973)

There are many other case cites that reference the FACT that you, as one of the people in America are a King or Queen. You have no subjects but you enjoy all the rights of the King before the revolution.

Republic not Democracy-

Do tell. If I remember right we lost our rights, as they were, in 1933.

Look up HJR 192

Had politicians taken your rights away they would have been guilty of treason, insurrection and rebellion against the constitution. What happened in 1933 was that FDR made you a shareholder in US corp in return for your money. Only gold and silver coin is money. I have a very educational email exchange between someone extremely knowledgeable and their county treasurer I would be happy to forward to anyone that wants to add me to skype or email me.

If you send me a private message I will get it in my email box. Here's a hint: A "promise to pay" is same as cash and any time you put your signature on something - you are authorizing a credit withdrawal from your trust account. Anyone who takes an oath to the constitution is a public trustee. Today's "money" is a complete fiction as well as a FED RESERVE NOTE being an instrument of debt. It's not money.

The biggest deal with respect to the mortgage foreclosure crisis that you will likely NEVER hear about in the media is that as soon as you signed the promissory note - that was PAYMENT IN FULL. The bank had no money. The credits were created after you signed the contract. How can the bank offer your credits as their consideration, their part of the contract if they did not exist before you signed it? Research the Township of Credit River Decision for more information.

If this is twisting your brain in knots then remember: The fraud works because you can't comprehend it. If you can't comprehend it then how can you claim fraud? Slavery worked by not allowing slaves to read and write - it was illegal if you taught them. Today Americans are "not allowed" to know law. You're supposed to "ask an attorney." This is also a fraud because there is no such thing as a "license to practice law." It is a certificate from a private BAR association - a private company. It's not a license.

The main thing you need to realize is you never lost your rights. You have contracted them away. The good news is in basic contract law if you were deceived and therefore did not have full knowledge of the terms of the contract and did not enter into it willingly and faithfully - the contract is voidable. Until you void it - there is the presumption that you have full knowledge of the terms.

Republic not Democracy-

Sent my email addy to you. Interested in learning the facts and truths that us common folk have been fed lies to our entire lives!