16 votes

California Proposition 37 failed to pass.


YES: 3,402,151; 46.1%

NO: 3,974,122; 53.9%

I guess people in California think ignorance is bliss for GMO "food"...

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Asked voters to vote no on 37.



can people seriously be that stupid??????? I mean seriously!

This seemed like a no-brainer

Why would the average person NOT want to know if they're eating GMO food? I mean, was there some sort of "labeling is evil\costly" argument or what?

The concept is correct but the execution is wrong

Who is for poverty? No one, but should we have government programs to eliminate it?

government labeling of food is a mistake- it raises costs on every producer and the largest ones are best able to afford it. Producers will pass these costs on to us.

Companies that want our business will label their foods. If the labels don't reflect the information we want we are free not to buy-just as people who through ignorance or choice don't care should be free to buy GMO foods.

Small producers also can't afford to be sued if there is a mis labeling issue.

Government labeling helps big companies, and eventually people just get used to seeing the labels - like the cigarette warming labels.

If that happens with gmo foods because most food products contain gmo, then nothing has been achieved

Also labeling something non gmo doesn't mean it's healthy or safe. Companies can still produce processed garbage food that is gmo free.

The gmo free label would give people a false sense that the food was healthy.

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People need to still work on this!!! Label ourselves anyway!!!

The Organic consumers association have labels for eveyone to use. We need to do it alone then do it!! We may be small but continue to educate the SHEEP!!!!

The vote is close enough to

The vote is close enough to state that Monsanto's days are numbered.

bad all around

the sheeple prefer ignorance



California Proposition 37
Result Votes Percentage
No 2,490,964 56.8%
Yes 1,895,946 43.2%

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do you know how many

do you know how many registered voters there are in CA?

This article says 18.2 million

A Field Poll predicted that 70 percent of California's registered voters would cast ballots in Tuesday's election, with more than half voting by mail. It would be the first time the number of mail-in ballots overtook the number of precinct ballots in a California general election.


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I just saw that

Yeah, I just saw that. I updated my orginal post to reflect that. Thanks though!

You're Welcome :)


My Political Awakening: I Wanted to Change the World...
I am NOT Anti-America. America is Anti-Me - Lowkey
How to Handle POLICE STATE Encounters