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Rand should Unendorse Romney now.

That endorsement is still bothering me.........gggrrrr

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Too late for that, IMO.

That UN-endorsement would be called a flip-flop. He would be starting down the Romney neocon road. He's got to live with this decision, but more importantly, learn from it; gain some wisdom from it and come back to the Liberty Movement. We'll be here, waiting.


Well, when you throw your own father under the bus you can't really undo that.


I still dont understand

why he endorsed Romney in the first place. How could he not have seen that Romney would lose? What did Rand get out of the endorsement? In what way did it advance liberty? I just don't get it.

or why he campaigned for him!

nothing like rubbing salt in the wound.

it has nothing to do with liberty, and everything to do with politics as usual.

some say he is playing chess, well he just lost his king, who will not be able to bestow those favors he'd so hoped to obtain.


"What did Rand get out of the endorsement?"

A whole bunch of voters for a potential run in 2016.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

What kind of voters could Rand have gained from it?

He didn't gain any liberty-minded voters. In fact, he lost some. Romney isn't just anti-liberty, many of his flip-flops are anti-liberty *on both sides*. So the endorsement looks like hypocritical, cynical political gamesmanship at best.

Virtually all of the Republicans in Congress endorsed Romney (were there any other than Ron Paul who did not?). So Rand endorsing Romney just makes him blend in with the crowd. That's not going to gain him any voters.

Romney supporters who genuinely liked Romney -- any version of Romney -- may be more willing to take a look at Rand now, but unless Rand continues to move toward the middle in other tangible ways they're not going to see Rand as an appealing candidate. They may find him slightly less scary than they find Ron Paul but that's not enough to turn them into supporters.

So who are these "whole bunch of voters" you think he gained?

Rand has zero chance in 2016. The damage he did to his core support would make a grassroots effort harder to get off the ground, but that's a moot point because the new RNC rules make a grassroots campaign impossible now. The RNC PTB will pick someone they like, and they've rewritten the rules to make sure they can pick someone they like. They don't like Rand.

no one likes a traitor

not even the 10 fat men in a room who offer the devil's bargain to whoever is gullible enough to take it, namely rand.


the people who supported Romney are mostly old, bitter bigots who wanted handouts. The fact that Rand sold out his principles to court THAT crowd - a base who has now been proven two cycles in a row to not win elections - reflects poorly on him and makes a Rand Paul 2016 campaign a fruitless effort.

I don't play, I commission the league.

Not fruitless. The man votes

Not fruitless. The man votes very good and I think we'll remember his positions and his votes more so than the Romney endorsement. If Rand were to win the GOP nomination in 2016, you mean to tell me you wouldn’t support him? At the very least you know he supports things like term limits, a tamer foreign policy, he's not in favor of the drug war, he's not in favor of the TSA, not in favor of the patriot act, not in favor of war without congressional approval, reading the damn bills before passing them, lower taxes for everyone, cutting spending, etc.

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So? I was an ignorant neocon supporter

until I found out about Ron Paul. There's hope for us all.

Well understood.

I am not endorsing Rand. I am not leaving it off of the table either. Voting records are key.

I like Justin Amash. Just saying.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul


He already endorsed him. I say let this one go. If he does run in '16, sheep who backed romney will not hold a grudge against rand.

Maybe Ron/Rand knew that although Ron wouldn't win, neither would romney. Thus the 'endorsement'.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

He Should

Team up with Christie. At least Christie was smart enough to wipe that turd off his shoe BEFORE the election. Sandy did Christie a big favor. Maybe the good people of NJ will forgive him for sucking up to that loser.