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Daily Caller: "Ron Paul Republicans win House races"

Several ‘Ron Paul Republicans’ win closely contested House races
2:43 AM 11/07/2012

Texas Republican Rep. Ron Paul will retire from Congress next year after serving for 12 terms, but several Republicans influenced by the iconic libertarian-leaning lawmaker will be arriving to take his place.

Thomas Massie won the race to replace retiring Kentucky Republican Rep. Geoff Davis, beating Democrat Bill Adkins by 20 percentage points. Massie, an ally of Paul’s son, Kentucky Republican Sen. Rand Paul, raised nearly 10 times as much money as Adkins, according to the Lexington-Herald Leader.

Michigan Republican Rep. Justin Amash, who was already vying to be the House’s next “Dr. No” in his first term, was re-elected with 58 percent of the vote.



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Kurt Bills got railroaded by

Kurt Bills got railroaded by Klobuchar. Bentivolio won though. 3 Ronpublicans in the House is a fine start.

Southern Agrarian