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Doug Wead: Next Step in the Revolution?

November 7, 2012

For Republicans, there is a silver lining to the re-election of Barack Obama. The door is now open for real change in 2016. The recently adopted Romney Rules at the RNC, which would have locked out any true democratic participation and guaranteed eight more years of GOP establishment, top-down, Brahman-style, domination, are now moot. The gate is open.

The change that will be debated in the next presidential election will not be about tax percentages, or troop withdrawal timetables, or welfare for Big Bird, or who should be the next chairman of the Federal Reserve. The change that will be debated will be about fundamentals, about monetary policy, about the philosophical underpinnings of our foreign policy, about the relevancy of the American constitution and where we are headed as a people.

It will not be the red team against the blue team, espousing the same things in different degrees, rather it will be about real differences.


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...but only if the good Doctor doesn't make the run.

Bad idea Doug

There was only EVER one man and his name is RON Paul. As the owner of this site has already stated, Ron Paul united us, Rand Paul divides us...


There was only ever one man? What ever happened to it being about the message and NOT the man? Dr. Paul isn't the end all be all of the liberty movement, and to think so is to miss the point entirely IMO.

And no, Rand doesn't "divide" us; people divide each other over ultimately petty BS. I don't feel any more or less "divided" just because some people like Rand and I happen to not care for him.

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Did you actually read Doug's Blog?

Did you actually read Doug's blog?? He is the one saying there is only one man for 2016. I agree with your first paragraph, but how can you say on the Daily Paul that Ron is not the person who united us in the first place?


though not every last word, to be fair. I recall him saying something similar earlier in the year and I understood why then, but not now. LOL sorry if I thought you were basically agreeing with his words.

IMO, Ron Paul didn't unite any of us, we united ourselves. (Also, like a few others here, I was onto the scam before finding Dr. Paul, so I guess I don't really have that same 'connection' with him.)

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