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Doug Wead: Rand Paul 2016

For Republicans, there is a silver lining to the re-election of Barack Obama. The door is now open for real change in 2016. The recently adopted Romney Rules at the RNC, which would have locked out any true democratic participation and guaranteed eight more years of GOP establishment, top-down, Brahman-style, domination, are now moot. The gate is open...

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I Vow To Work Day And Night To Defeat Randy Paul and The G.O.P.

I Vow To Work Day And Night To Defeat Randy Paul and The G.O.P.

I am gathering all of my friends.

R[3]TRIBUTION! G.O.P. Neo-Cons: Hell Awaits http://youtu.be/NpXJhSOnkhM

Welcome The End Of The Republican Party:

The G.O.P. The Thing That Should Not Be. http://youtu.be/3Gh5unreDsg

Wisdom Strategies

Hmmmmmm....what else is on the menu?

I think Doug weed is the real take-away from the campaign. He's the only one that seemed to understand and appreciate us. He's the only one in the campaign that tried to stand up for us. I like the guy.

But we didn't exactly see GJ coming did we? And I WANNA SEE SOME NEW BLOOD. I wanna wait and see what the grassroots and our youth come up with.

So yeah, I'll wait. I'm not that hungry yet.

Be brave, be brave, the Myan pilot needs no aeroplane.

Here Is New Blood: My Friends & I Created The Write-In Campaign

Here Is New Blood: My Friends & I Created The Write-In Campaign.

We Did That, Not Any Of These "Official Strategists".

Did you see any of these "Strategists" Support OUR RON PAUL 2012 Write-In Campaign? NO. These people threw Ron Paul and All Of Us under the bus.


RON PAUL R[3]VOLUTION Grassroots Presidential Strategist 2007 - 2012.

And: We NEVER Asked For A Penny. We Actually Paid For These People's Salaries With Our Money Bombs. Never Again! We Do It Ourselves Now!

Please keep in touch and join me and my friends :)

R[3]TRIBUTION! http://youtu.be/NpXJhSOnkhM

Wisdom Strategies

Doug, what are you smoking, Weed

You still trying to make a name for yourself? If you think, or anyone else for that matter, that Rand has a shot in 2016 you are OUT OF YOUR MIND!!!

The pathetic globalist scum are going to force the BUSH OLIGARCHY on this country. Guess what... The foolish ignorant republican peasants will fawn and flock back to the Bush-ista cabal like flies on a steamy pile of cow-dung... Oh, that analogy is actually very fitting.

EXACTLY. We Need To Start Working AGAINST These People NOW!

EXACTLY. We Need To Start Working AGAINST These People NOW!

Please keep in touch. Join me and my friends.


Welcome The End Of The Republican Party:

The G.O.P. The Thing That Should Not Be. http://youtu.be/3Gh5unreDsg

Wisdom Strategies

Doug Wead

If there is one man that can most consistently look at campaigns, elections, and the liberty movement with a logical perspective its Mr. Wead. I enjoy just about everything he writes. I hope for a Rand Paul 2016 and that Doug Wead will play a big part in it.

NEVER, Mr. Doug Wead. The Republican Party Is Finished Forever.

NEVER, Mr. Doug Wead. The Republican Party Is Finished. Forever.

R.I.P. - G.O.P.

You and your "Randy Boy" are going to have to look for new jobs.


You are a Strategist, hmmmm? So am I and my friends.

I assure you: Although much younger: I am better than you.

So are some of my friends! WE CREATED THE RON PAUL R[3]VOLUTION, NOT YOU!

My Grandfather makes you look like a kindergarten child.

WE WON! WE DEMOLISHED THE G.O.P by taking votes away :)

You failed MISERIBLY!

Go powder your face with make up and make out with Randy Paul.


My Strategist Friends and I Will Now Work AGAINST YOU AND RANDY PAUL and ensure The RepubliCAN't PARTY loses the 2016 Election as well.

That Is A Promise. "minus" Votes Mean NOTHING To Me Except Confirmation and Encouragement To DEMOLISH All Of You, Neo-Cons.

R[3]TRIBUTION! G.O.P. Neo-Cons: Hell Awaits http://youtu.be/NpXJhSOnkhM

Wisdom Strategies

Many here fancy themselves purists

When Rand held his nose to endorse Romney, he became guilty by association.

"How dare Rand endorses Mitt! What a scum he is!"

but joke is on the 'purists' when Ron endorses Rand.

If these people were consistent with their beliefs, which they fancy themselves to be -- they would also have to reject Ron, next.

"How dare Ron endorses Rand! What a scum he is!"

And then alas, everyone here who endorsed Ron becomes scum (because, remember, guilty by association.)

"How dare I endorse Ron! What a scum I am!"

People are hypocritical. Ron

People are hypocritical. Ron Paul didn't endorse Romney, but he has endorsed candidates in other (non-presidential) races that are far from libertarians. And I'd say most Ron Paul supporters disagree with Ron Paul himself on at least a couple issues. I know I do. But I was still proud to vote for him. And if Rand Paul continues to vote as he's done the past couple years, I'll vote for him if he runs in four years

Ron Paul Could Endorse "Randy" And We Will Simply DEMOLISH Him!

Ron Paul Could Endorse "Randy" And We Will Simply DEMOLISH Him!



Wisdom Strategies


Not me.

I love Ron Paul, but Rand can go take a hike. Besides, I don't think America - as we know it - will exist anymore in 2016. Currency collapse 2014 or sooner.

Tricks and treachery are the practice of fools, that don't have brains enough to be honest. - Ben Franklin

If I had a dollar.....

...for every time someone said that 4 years ago, then I'd have a ton of very worthless dollars.

Free market capitalism isn't right for America because it works better. It's right because it's free (and it works better).

front page


He won't get Jack from me!

He will not receive one cent from me or a vote. He showed his true colors. You don't think the establishment looks at this web site? He's not fooling them or even trying to fool them.

If he was a true man of his word he would NEVER have jumped ship and started slurping on Romney. He had his chance to be trusted and blew it.

What makes him ANY different then Sara Palen?????? She always talks a good talk! Would you vote for her? Hell no! She backed John McCain and for that alone I will NEVER trust her. Will you?

You Rand bashing pecker heads

Seem to not know a thing about politics. Here's my observation: Those Paulistas I know that are active politically (running for office) where I live don't give a crap about Rand's endorsement. The ones to lazy to lift a figure to even walk a block to hand out campaign literature seem all to ready to complain about Rand. What gives?

To me the Rand endorsement means shit. When we dump Rand is when he stops fighting in the Senate for legalizing hemp, ending the fed, ending the NDAA, the Patriot act, illegal wars, and stops defending the Bill of Rights. Get that pecker heads!!

You Rand bashers are like high school girls and fashion--someone makes a big fuss about a pretty dress and the next week every girl is wearing the same dress. A seemingly non-thinking, need I say, collectivist response to one mans action.

Maybe you are using Rand's endorsement as way to check your lazy asses out for doing any work for liberty. My other observation: Maybe you hate all things GOP and establishment more that you love liberty? I’m trying to figure this out.

Rand is in a chess match with the GOP and is mastering the art of politics. And he will play the game better than his dad--and he has a far better chance at winning than dad. Prove it? Last night I was at a GOP party with many NeoCons and heard Rand’s name mentioned three times for potus 2016. (I did hear Rubio’s also)

Remember an endorsement for some is just a political ploy. Rand is now the general leading the charge to advance the cause of liberty.

Today the Rand Paul Revolution begins!!!

Yes. I can just imagine how

far his dad would have gone in politics had he just played "chess" with the kingmakers and party bosses. How stupid of him to stick to principle, be honest and stand for something. He's a real peckerhead and obviously knows nothing about politics!

Help me out

AllPaul. Have you run for office or helped someone other than Ron Paul get elected to any office?

Actually, yes

Now how does knowing that "help you out" other than by changing the subject and ignoring the point I made?

His voting record

That's what makes him different and that's what counts. Not some two bit endorsement of someone he knew would lose.

wa wa


If Rand is going to run he

If Rand is going to run he needs to start right now.

And We Are Starting Right Now To DEMOLISH Him!

And We Are Starting Right Now To DEMOLISH Him!


Wisdom Strategies

Doug Wead is Correct

Now let the Rand haters begin because after all, they know more and have a clearer vision than Doug Wead and Ron Paul. Give me a break.

You Rand Haters need to wake up and realize that to win at politics you have to play politics. The idea that somehow the world will wake up one day and embrace Liberty is naive. It is going to take decades of work through pragmatic and honest politicians to roll back all of the damage done. By Rand endorsing someone he new would lose makes no difference in the long run and only solidifies his status with the sheep of the GOP. Like it or not, we will need them knocking on doors, making phone calls and donating money to beat the Democratic machine.

It's time to get practical and look at the world for what it is and how it works, not for what we hope it to be or how we hope it would work. Only through a pragmatic approach can we get people into positions of power that will make the world into what we hope it can be.

Rand supporters need to understand - you need us "Rand haters"

Although I certainly do not hate Rand, I simply do not agree with his positions. Maybe you guys can win without us - kind of Like Romney could win the GOP without the RP supporters.
You understand that Rad still appeals to a very small segment of the GOP, and he needs MORE supporters, not fewer? And if the support of the liberty-lovers who supported Ron Paul is not important to Rand Paul and his supporters.... 'nuff said.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

notice the only ones who use the word "hate"

are the rand supporters. calling the kettle black?

Know who else likes to

call people "haters"?
Not libertarians.


We need every single one of you to join us in this fight.

What positions of his don't you agree with?

You say that "he needs MORE supporters, not fewer". He absolutely does which is why he endorsed Romeny whom he knew would lose so he could be in good standing with the GOP. To do exactly what you are proposing, GET MORE SUPPORTERS!

Then go ahead and compromise

Then go ahead and compromise your principles but don't expect me to compromise mine for some political game.

I understand how you feel

I honestly do, each person should move forward how they see fit. However, in the long run, the goal is to restore the Constitution and Individual Liberty. The only way to do this is through the current political process (as screwed up as it is) barring some ground swell change that noone is aware of.

I would also urge others to look at Rands voting record and reach conclusions for themselves rather than to automatically side with the current consensus on the Daily Paul. After all, that's what brought most of us through to Dr. Paul, research and education. I think you'll be surprised how he's voted which I believe is a true test of a persons character. Not some cheap endorsement that noone is swayed by anyway.

In the long run

we're ALL DEAD!