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Ingraham today

Just listened to her show. To paraphrase..

Oh yes, we need to lose the country club Republican image and get someone to energize and attract the youth, a fisher of Republican voters if you will, someone to shepherd us forward...well you get the drift.

The blind leading the blind.:P

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bigmikedude's picture

*slaps forehead*.. That's like saying

"Boy I sure wish I could find some change on the ground and maybe help out with this month's bills," while standing on a gold nugget the size of Mount Everest and not even noticing it.

Are these idiots even human?

SteveMT's picture

She is a lousy excuse for a talking head.

Her old interview with Ron Paul is one to remember.

@1:50 in to this video. A clip that I'll never forget.

OMG ... I heard that to ...

... Right when she said the need to appeal (Or not ditch) the youth vote ... I screamed "what about RON PAUL" out at the radio. :)


let's see. A principled conservative that energizes the youth vote? I wonder who may that person be? Hmmmm...that is a tough one.