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Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada, and Minnesota... I told you we would decide this election one way or another!

The republicans lost Iowa, Nevada, and New Hampshire which were crucial battleground states. Minnesota also was close enough to be considered a possible swing state. All four of these states were full of liberty minded supporters. Ron Paul had significant support in these states, possibly enough to give Romney a win. The Republicans said they didn't need us by their actions at the convention and to be honest this whole election cycle. We decided this election. The republicans must now wake-up or perish. We will continue to decide elections one way or the other will our powerful determination. There is a silver lining.....2016? Now i don't want to start talking about Rand Paul or the Judge yet. But I think we can say there will be a liberty minded canidate in 2016. The ground work has been laid. Its time NOW to take our country back. Start NOW not in 2016. LETS DO THIS!

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What if the Paul supporters refused to put Twitt on the ballot?

In the states where Paul supporters had taken control of the state party like Maine, Iowa, Nevada, Minnesota, they could have refused to recognize the result of the faux GOP convention and put Ron Paul on the state ballot. The result is that given a real choice, Obama might not have won these states and forced the election to be decided in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Unfortunately, these state parties decided to go along and get along rather than rocking the boat.

So now the Republic will suffer and muddle through with another 4 years of divided government.

How do we prepare

before a candidate is selected?

Ron Paul - Intellectual hero

That is the easist question to answer... thanks for asking!

In your neighborhood precinct there are roughly 1000 voters who live behind 500-700 closed doors! The most logical and successful way to change back to liberty is just what the RP campaign was shown by a brilliant strategist group in Washington State over one year ago... sadly the insiders nixed the plan out of either ignorance of the staunch faithful from 2008, arrogance, or the worst scenario, treachery. Regardless, and leaving all that in the past, it is easy to start brush fires for freedom, and it all starts in your precinct!

1) Create simple brochures explaining single issues which are appropriate for the precinct in which you live. (Even the FED, WAR, sound money and wealth transfer) Many may be the same in appeal, but in some cases certain issues are standouts for a small area.

2) Get a walking list for your precinct, maybe of especially independent thinkers, regardless of party, and go up to the door.... and knock.

3) Tell them you are their neighbor, are very concerned about loosing your job, gas prices, this or that problem facing your neighborhood, etc. and then ask them to look at the paper in their spare time, so you can get their input. Tell them you are sorry to disturb their morning, and that you will drop back by in a few days to pick it up, talk, get their ideas because you had heard they are innovative and helpful, etc. Even suggest if they are really interested, that they could help by sharing with their neighbor, this 'brush-fire'!

4) In a week or two drop by, or whenever they suggested, (keep track behind the scenes), and collect the ideas, bounce them off yourself, let them talk, etc. Give them more time... go with the brush-fire flow.

5) Guaranteed... after a second or third and likely now more receptive visit, YOU WILL BE THEIR GO-TO PERSON FOR POLITICS AND ALL THAT AILS THEM ABOUT THE CURRENT STATE OF AFFAIRS! BINGO! You will have become the defacto PCO (precinct committee officer)and therefore, the presumptive nominee for next PCO!

6) Guaranteed... it will matter not which party you claim. That will become a default based on the issues the candidate of 2014 and 2016 supports and whichever party they run under! The brush-fire of liberty will have been ignited in that precinct and it will begin to spread all on it's own, from house to house, and many like you will become the electors of nominees and guides of the caucuses!

7) Such an approach, multiplied by the number of precincts, means one person for each precinct, when combined, can bring about a landslide in any state... a landslide for liberty which no fraud voting machine can undo!

The time to begin is NOW... not in 2013 or 2015! Imagine, precinct caucuses packing the house and property of each PCO across the nation, without the vulgar packing into barns of thousands of confused precincts all to be sheep-herded by the elite of the GOP!

In fact it will spell the death knell of the central party fascist power, and it's stranglehold over grassroots which the RNC in mud hole DC now wields!

Do I hear an Amen for Liberty?!

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Amen JSBach!

This comment is worthy of it's own post! That is exactly how you do it and it would be great if you could create a post with this and then have people come back periodically and let everyone know the results of their efforts....what kind of response they got?...what kinds of issues people responded to the most, etc. etc. Maybe even share brochures or flyers in a downloadable format. If we could get people doing this kind of thing all across the nation the results could be phenomenal!!

one more thing

Possbibly could have had an effect in Ohio and Florida just due to how close it was. Maybe Virgina...we did win a district there in the primary i believe