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Congrats Mr. President

Obama winning is the best thing that could happen to our movement. The GOP proved that they did not want us and it cost them an election. Our numbers getting behind Romney would have swung the election. That is the political reality.

Our people got elected while the establishment people lost. http://www.dailypaul.com/262058/daily-caller-several-ron-pau... This is an important moment for all of us. We just showed the GOP base that we do matter and can win. (This is also why the DailyPaul needs to stick around.) Those are our people running.. our message WON and Romney lost!

I am anxious to see what Ron Paul does next. The fact that he retired is a huge win for us, intellectually. Ron Paul having the liberty to do as he damn well pleases opens an opportunity for him to lead how he sees fit.

I am personally elated that freedom is winning.

We all agree, or believe that a financial reckoning is coming. Obama will continue to follow failed policies that will further drain our economy. Our rights are under greater threat now than at anytime in our history. The wars will drag on in some form or another. 4 more years of this and a good leader step up and we can get the keys to the White House. Obama winning is strategically the best thing that happened in this election. Having Romney in would have stalled us for at least 4, possibly 8 years.

Two states have passed law allowing the recreational use of marijuana. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/11/07/colorado-washington... This is another point that could possibly hurt Obama and help us. How is his Administration going to come down on Washington and Colorado? I openly admit to smoking pot. I do not believe it is moral or fair to put people in jails, subject them to fines and prisons for the use of Marijuana. It is a wonderful plant with a million positive uses. The only reason why we don't know more about it is because the government says its evil and wont allow us to openly tinker with it. Its fibers are some of the strongest in nature. It can produce oil. It helps people. Why in hell is this plant illegal?

If we remain cohesive and continue to grow our numbers we will achieve victory. There is no movement that generally wants Freedom and Liberty more than us. We want peace and honest money. We want the politicians to follow the rules. The message we believe in freed blacks, women, children and established to the world a code of conduct to fellow humans. We have a winning message.

So Congrats Mr. President. Although I share in your happiness of your re-election, it is for far different reasons. You won because our movement didn't show up to the polls. We will show up to the polls next time. Next time, we will pick the nominee, unite the Conservative base around them and put our guy in the White House.

Do you agree? Please comment. I would love some feedback my perspective.

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