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November 6, 2012 was the first day of REAL change!

I am going to take this opportunity to state what I believe is the beginning of the end for the status quo...
The fact that Mitt Romney was defeated, and humiliatingly so, speaks loud of the forces involved in our lives that are uncontrollable by want for control. I told my wife last night, who is an Obama supporter, that Mitt Romney lost this election due to his fraudulent treatment of TRUE conservative and fiscally identifiable supporters, disenfranchized and divided purposely during county and state conventions all over this Nation prior to the election. I told her if Mitt Romney would have been more embracing of true Republican and Libertarian ideals he would have won and those who turned their support to him would make damn sure he lived up to those stances he embraced. However, as ignorant and petty a criminal he is, he decided to bet on an inevitable losing hand when he cheated and stole the Republican nomination from a true Stateman and patriot... (not an intelligent move Romney).

Ron Paul didn't endorse either candidate and now stands as the only Republican candidate to have never waived the white flag, illigitemately squandered out of his rightful chance to speak to the hearts and minds of people in desperate need of hearing a message of peace and unity and prosperity. This election was truly about, "anybody but Ron Paul"!

I believe Ron Paul will now be able to stand in the face of any and all criticism and defamation and the people will for once see those accusations as having no merit or place in their pursuit of liberty. Mitt Romney was the only rival left and now that he has seen his inevitable demise made reality, Ron Paul has no opponent in him any longer and didn't even have to waste his energies on exposing him for what he truly was...a criminal bent on dividing people for power and party!

I wrote in Ron Paul October 30, 2012 here in Oregon and I can with all hope and empowerment now say with certainty, that I voted for the only man who stood his principles and ground even in the face of all scrutiny. It was not for me to judge why he didn't challenge Mitt Romney during the primaries, but now I see that he never really needed to...the people of this country spoke last night and they obviously would rather have a dictator bent on socialism and imperialistic reign than a man who obviously could only provide the same. We are waking is the first day of the inevitable transition to a peaceful and liberated people.

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I'm with you Klinker

It's time to roll up our sleeves and get back to work. I hope to meet you at ORP meetings next year.

give me details...

and I'll be there!

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