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Romney Defeated: Republicans Sad

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Great read,

thanks for sharing. Couldn't have said it better myself.

"My advice to the republican party would be that until they understand that doing exactly the same things as the democrats, and compromising what is right for hollow victories, is suicide; then they can only expect this to be the beginning of a long train of snooty defeats. We the People are tired of the Constitution being paid mere lip service to. We are tired of these wars. We are tired of this fiat money. We are tired of fabricated terror. We are tired of politicians going through corporate revolving doors. We are tired of the police state. We are tired of the nanny state. We are tired. And if the republicans wish to survive as a party rather than completely sliding into the dust bin of history (as its currently doing), then I think the next four years had better be some reformation time. Some reflection time. Some time to go back and read the ideals of our Founding Fathers regarding personal sovereignty and Liberty. And rather than denying reality, and running a candidate that’s exactly like the guy you want to defeat, you probably should consider the third option of not doing that."