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Blame game or great job people? or Wow I Feel So Different Today!

Great posts and comments today! I trust the GJ vs. RP supporter rift is utterly irrelevant now.

Sure would be nice if we had or will ever have some clue as to how many RP write ins we garnered. And I'm sure the 1.1 million votes for GJ won't be reported on the MSM either. The numbers on popular vote are rather compelling given as GJ votes

Obama counted 59,725,608 votes, Romney counts 57,098,650. GJ comes in with 1,139,562. Of course it's wrong to assume that GJ votes were stolen from Romney but let's also consider our write-ins. Our write ins are muck more LIKELY to be stolen from Romney. Given these two factors, I think we can safely take credit for Romney losing the popular vote.


Because even if the nation at large doesn't know or care, TPTB who have better numbers than any of us (they build the vote flipping mechanisms) notice. That we're not growing exponentially, this is more of a quantum leap thing. Come on, in 2008 we managed about 42,000 write in votes for Ron Paul.

AND THAT WAS IT. 42,0000. Yeah we got some good candidates in but 42,000 votes was what we got. Now we're counting millions in the "liberty vote" category. This nicely continues our primary trend of DOUBLING OR QUADRUPLING OUR 08 RESULTS. Yes, you can get somebody, a lot of somebodies out there are...changing their diapers on an hourly basis.

See this is going exactly to plan as I see it. The RP thing was about reforming (or destroying) the GOP from the inside out. That was the objective. Not to make Obama lose, to make NEOCONS LOSE. We get them out, we put ourselves in. Confidence in the old-guard, country-club, go along to get along GOP has to die first. We're not in the business of making better liberals, we're in the business of making real conservatives. So congrats to all of us.

Paradoxically the GOP deserves some credit for having got the tight numbers they got. We still have a long way to go. The GOP is still a force, they are still fully enfranchised, they will retrench and attack us with everything they got. In other words,

Hope you enjoyed yesterday's war and welcome to today's war. We had it painted while you were asleep. Big improvement eh?

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The GJ RP rift was a good thing

Well, it was healthy. The candidates themselves represented different positions and we are totally entitled to hold to our principles. If we didn't, we wouldn't be in any third or independent party.

But I think we need to think big about what principles unite us - hell - us AND Tea Party GOP types.

I think federalism as it exists dormant in our constitution. We need a truce. We will all condescend to vote for unified candidates that will fight like hell against federal power. We can then bicker at the state level. And in fact, local government is more conducive to bickering because it leads somewhere - education, or changing policy even. National politics is to big for bickering to produce anything but disunity.

I think we can start fresh and change everything. Now is the time:


"have some clue as to how many RP write ins we garnered."

You just summed up the most obvious reason why NOT to write Ron Paul's name in.

NOBODY WILL EVER COUNT OR REPORT THEM. THATS THE WHOLE THING about writing names in and why it makes no sense.

You can GUESS it was a million. (One person guessed you would have eneough write-ins to take California). I can guess it was closer to 50,000. The real answer will never be known because Ron Paul wasn't a candidate.

Nobody knows how many votes for Mickey Mouse there were either - though we know for sure he got 11 in Rhode Island in 2008. I am sure he got many more in 2008 and likewise, this year.

For me most certainly that was the reason.

It was fun watching the count go up. I'm under no illusions as to it's accuracy but I haven't heard a peep about write-in counts. I don't see RP in ANY ranking so...WTF?

50,000 you guess? Whereas we got 42,000 last time? 50,000 hard core RP write ins? That would certainly imply that the majority of us did as we did: go for the guy that's on the ballot.

Only thing that bums me out is a GJ vote and a COUNTED RP WRITE IN are basically the same to me and would combine in my mind as a general "liberty vote". Be nice if we could have a number on that eh?

Be brave, be brave, the Myan pilot needs no aeroplane.

"I trust the GJ vs. RP supporter ".......

We are ALL Ron Paul supporters first and foremost.

We only differed on what to do on election day, with out votes.

uh....not the point

ok again, i trust that the RIFT between GJ vs. RP supporters is irrelevant now. Not that i trust a GJ supporter OVER an RP supporter.

ok it's like CONTEXT peeeeeeeeeeople! ;)

Be brave, be brave, the Myan pilot needs no aeroplane.

As you can see

the rift is still alive and well!

When it's not GJ, it's Rand. When it's not Rand, it's 9/11. When it's not 9/11...well you get the idea.


A signature used to be here!

Smudge Pot pulled a cheap shot - accusing us who voted for Gary

Johnson of supporting him over Ron Paul.

Its ridiculous - and I will not be dismissed that way.

Writing something in uselessly does NOT show anymore affection for Ron Paul than realizing rationally that he WASN'T A CANDIDATE.


I voted for GJ. But heck, I guess you are opting for blame game and I'm not gonna stop you.

Be brave, be brave, the Myan pilot needs no aeroplane.

Wasn't my point at all

My point was that there will always be SOMETHING that 'divides' the people here. I can't think of a single time that I've come to this site and haven't seen half the site jumping down each other's throats.

Seems to me that it isn't GJ, Rand or anyone/thing else that's doing the dividing, it's ourselves. Again, that was what I get trying to get across.

A signature used to be here!

Uh....its EXACTLY the point.

Since Ron Paul was not a candidate - many of us voted for the closest ACTUAL candidate to our Libertarian beliefs - and that was Gary Johnson.

But don't TELL me that that means we support Gary Johnson over Ron Paul.

I'm not having it.

NONE of us here are Gary Johnson supporters over Ron Paul.

yeah GJ supporters are NOTHING like RP supporters

GJ supporters would do what rand did and endorse mittens IF it served their "short term" goals. I see a big apples to oranges between them personally BUT the only thing that is the same is the fact that everyone CHOSE who they wanted to vote for and that's about the only similar thing I saw.

Those who ran from ron paul to obama, mittens or gary did so based off of their own reasons however those are not folks that I would want in office EVER because who knows how they will flip flop when the pressure is actually on them.

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NOBODY ran from Ron Paul to Gary Johnson. We chose to vote for

a man who was actually a candidate.

While a few Ron Paul supporters in LaLa Land decided that if they simply wrote his name down he would still be a candidate.