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Turd Beats Douche

Or did Douche Beat Turd? I don’t even know which one is the Douche and which is the Turd…

I don’t think things will go well for the next 4 years. And I don’t think they would have gone well if Romney had won; arguing that it would have been marginally better/worse one way or the other is purely conjecture. I think a grandiose result would have been Ron Paul being elected but even I think that would have only yielded a marginal improvement. We were going to end up with an asshole in a $10k suit and $500 haircut no matter what.

It appears the result was fairly close. I know there are quite a few swing-type voters that support Ron Paul but were disgusted with the treatment of him by the GOP so they cast their vote for Gary Johnson or simply stayed home instead of voting for Romney. What if the GOP hadn’t shunned Ron Paul and his supporters and hadn’t kept him from speaking at the convention? The Grand Old Party has no one to blame but themselves for this result.

The Good
•Bolton won’t become Sec of War
•Gold/silver and guns/ammunition will likely continue to be good investments
•It is less likely capitalism and free markets cab be credibly blamed for the inevitable collapse.
•Firearm/Ammunitions regs would have been pushed and would likely have been less draconian than what a 2nd Obama Admin would do, but with a so-called conservative the likelihood of it getting snuck in would have increased IMO.
•Obama is a warmongerer but might be less of one than Romney so worldwide conflict is less likely (probably).

The Bad
•Obama and his herd of guv-thugs will be emboldened do more
•More “change”; which means an unchanged continuation of what has been going on for 4 years, (which is bad enough)
•Small businesses will assuredly continue to be crushed
•The tax doomsday coming Jan 1, 2013 looks to be more likely to come about
•Firearms/Ammunition regs will be pushed hard and possibly passed via executive order or by the appointing of another stooge to the Supreme Court.
•Small business owners will start to shutdown/slowdown their operations because it is no longer worth it.
•ObamaCare is here to stay (but the majority likely would have stayed even with Romney)
•Have to realistically worry about the overturning of the 22nd Amendment or suspended elections in 4 years due to (insert BS reason involving terrorism, natural catastrophe).
•I will have to hear Obama talk for another 4 years
•The economic collapse’s speed has shifted gears. Everyone has less time to properly prepare.
•Another term for Heli-Benny is likely.
•Fiscal/Monetary policy chaos and volatility.


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