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And The Winner ISThe Global Elite, Who Installed Their Puppet Yesterday...Presidents Are Not Elected, But Rather, Selected..

No matter it be Obama or Romney-the agenda continues. Remember: Obama is Dick Cheney's cousin(yes he still is "coincidentally" related to the previous vice president.

In a letter to Edward Mandell House (now public info) FDR wrote "You and I both know that presidents are not elected, but selected by a small group of elites". That was way back in the 1930's & dont you think the consolidation of power over our "elections" is even more sophisticated than the 1930's. Certainly it is. FDR was one of those chosen by the elites...So is Obama, so is Romney. So many here know this is true. Yet still so many get caught up in the idea that when we go cast our "vote" actually counts. It doesnt. Not on a national level anyways. Even state races are often corrupt & rigged by compromised individuals working together. The current winner (not the american people, is not a reflection of the peoples choice, but rather, an installation of a puppet for the globalist plans..plans they have been laying for decades. The people decided nothing today. America decided nothing. The whole manufactured, edge of your seat circus of Romney winning this state or Obama winning that state is a total charade for public consumption. The "winner" tonight was pre-fixed, like a staged fall in a boxing match-its that simple. Paper ballot, openly counted Local political elections is where we will politically win our country back. Spreading the truth of what is happening to our country & the solutions we already have in place through our Constitutional & its restraints on government are key, effective ways to grow the numbers of those who are awake. Staying involved locally, where we have some sort of transparency & insight is where battles can be won. Influencing local government throughout the nation will make it more difficult for the global elite to install puppet, Manchurian candidates.

"Those who vote decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything" Joseph Stalin

..Sad, but true.

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