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Rand, Napoleon, Football-teams, Liberty, and Where Do We Go From Here?

I posted probably 9 months ago that the Republicans couldn't win without us. But I sure didn't want four more years of Obamanation, either. So the outcome is bittersweet.

In the primary process, in my experience, Ron Paul was always a tough to impossible sell to the vast majority of lifelong/football-team-mentality Republicans. It would have been interesting to see how many of them would have stuck with the "football-team" if Ron had gotten the nomination because they would have had to choose whether their identity was more firmly attached to party label or jingoism/Fascism. Ron Paul was pretty much entrenched in their minds as -- their ultimate of horrors -- a "pacifist". And they can't generally think their way out of a paper bag when it comes to their own chains.

I think we - the real liberty movement - would do ourselves a real service if we would cut Rand Paul some slack. He is our ONLY current hope as a Senator and in the best position to possibly get a Republican nomination in 2016. Some here have commented that they can't find ANY possible reason for Rand to have "endorsed" Romney when and how he did. That makes me shake my head in wonder; such little imagination! ALMOST CERTAINLY RAND PAUL SOUGHT COUNSEL WITH HIS FATHER BEFORE MAKING THAT MOMENTOUS DECISION; IF HE HADN'T THAT WOULD HAVE BEEN A FUNDAMENTAL FAMILY BETRAYAL AND I THINK YOU'D NOTICE IT IN A FROZEN RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN RAND AND BOTH HIS PARENTS. That you don't notice any such distancing should speak volumes. For some of you, it doesn't. I just don't get that.

Ron Paul has been aware, from the beginning, that he was not palatable to most members of the non-thinking/football-team Republican party. Remember his comments about when he was first running for Representative he observed to his wife there was no chance he would get elected? Ron traveled a Don Quixote sort of path to fame and influence. We admire him for it (God knows I do). Maybe this path was REQUIRED for him to ultimately have drawn the trust of folks such as myself.

But to win in 2016 I'm not sure if "peace and freedom" will be enough of a draw. The majority of people in this country are, As Napoleon observed, "I have come to realize that men are not born to be free. Liberty is a need felt by a small class of people whom nature has endowed with nobler minds than the mass of men." As repellant an expression as that sounds to be, to you and me, HISTORY HAS DEMONSTRATED OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN THAT NAPOLEON HAD IT RIGHT.

The majority of people will trade liberty for security, or even some constancy which is NOT, in fact, either safe or secure. And then, burned, they will do it again and again. IT APPEARS TO BE HARD WIRED TRIBAL BEHAVIOR. His thinking went something like this: people are demanding a ruler; I can do far better than those who came before me. If I don't step up, we're going to get another Robespierre - ergo, it might as well be me. And, further, while we can point to Napoleon's wars we would be blind to not notice the restoration of civilization and the great advances in law, architecture, and public works which the nation of France made under his despotism. I'm just saying...if you want to debate the issue, at least come from facts and logic.

Ok. So coming around to a conclusion. Like it or not (and getting you to be open to it, if not actually liking it) Rand Paul is QUITE well positioned to get the Republican nomination in 2016. He is positioned to get OUR support (if we can't put our best interests in front of our cussedness :-) and ASSUMPTIONS about what, exactly, was in his head and in his heart when he announced "endorsement" for Rmoney.

But if you can't conceive that Rand Paul might have had Ron's implicit blessing, and likely encouragement, before announcing this staged "endorsement" you are either (a) God herself or (b) a little light in either imagination, politics, the breadth of Ron Paul's knowledge of history and politics, Ron and Rand's ability to long term plan, or all of the above.

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