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Let's Put the Blame where it Belongs: GOP Leadership

Maybe we should use this message with rank-and-file Republicans!
Message to our Fellow Republicans:
The leadership of the GOP has failed us yet again. They have shown that their strategy of "fake conservatism" cannot win elections. They MUST be held accountable. Together, we can restore the Republican Party, we can rebuild the BIG TENT by embracing the future : young people, true conservatives, patriots, and libertarians. But we MUST reject the failed neo-con warmongers and big Govt. spenders who now run our once grand party. Now you see the damage that these selfish "leaders" in our party have caused: back to back losses with ultra weak (liberal/moderate) candidates - who's positions have little or nothing in common with Republican Values and Principles. If we fail to hold them accountable, then we will lose our Republic to Socialism. Make a stand with me, and demand accountability now, demand they resign or be voted out today!

Join me in ridding the RINOs: Reince Prebus, John McCain, Lindsey Graham, John Boehner, and all the rest. Join me in shunning the FOX News "pundits" who sold us these RINO lies.
Join me in helping to get our Republic back, before it is really too late.
This approach let's us state our influential position in the outcome of the election without threatening the rank-and-file - and accomplishing what we want: Cut the Neo-Cons.

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And Replace Reince Priebus

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