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Are We Perot's Revenge? Gonna Threaten Us All Now?

It's clear that we have a ways to go before we can touch Ross Perot's 19% (19.7M votes) in 1992. Which is the biggest non-2 party win since Teddy Roosevelt in 1912. However Roosevelt probably didn't get as many credible death threats to himself and his family.

Which it's common knowledge now from the man himself and H. Ross Perot isn't a man known for lying.

Well now we've made a credible advance. We made a noticeable impact. We're demonstrating EXPONENTIAL GROWTH. Are we Perot's Revenge? A dark fear from the partisan past come back to life?

The total vote count for all votes NOT demican or republicrat this time is 1,803,572 and that includes 5,753 brave souls who submitted a proper ballot but just didn't bother to make a presidential selection (NOTA or None Of The Above). That represents 27 different candidates. 28 if you count nobody.

So establishment. 1.8 million of us spread out among 27 candidates and I have a feeling we have more on the way. GONNA THREATEN US ALL? Well, point of fact, you have, you are and we bet you are going to continue. We know how you feel about power, we know you will do anything to get it and maintain it. It's who you are.

Who we are is 1.8 million that took some time out of our days to register and vote and say we've had it with you. Not to win but just to let you know that you stink and we think you are creeps.

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