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Rand Paul for President: 2016 - What must he do to earn your trust back? He hasn't earned mine yet.

For Republicans, there is a silver lining to the re-election of Barack Obama. The door is now open for real change in 2016. The recently adopted Romney Rules at the RNC, which would have locked out any true democratic participation and guaranteed eight more years of GOP establishment, top-down, Brahman-style, domination, are now moot. The gate is open.

The change that will be debated in the next presidential election will not be about tax percentages, or troop withdrawal timetables, or welfare for Big Bird, or who should be the next chairman of the Federal Reserve. The change that will be debated will be about fundamentals, about monetary policy, about the philosophical underpinnings of our foreign policy, about the relevancy of the American constitution and where we are headed as a people.

It will not be the red team against the blue team, espousing the same things in different degrees, rather it will be about real differences.

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Rand's Betrayal of his Dad . . .

My perception of Rand is that he was premature when he announced his support for Romney - and that he betrayed his Dad by doing so before the RNC.

I consider a family betrayal to be a grievous error - especially when such a decent man as Ron was betrayed.

So Rand (and Ron) need to convince me that this was not the horrible injury it appeared to be.


Rand endorsed Mitt Romney while his dad was still running...

and his dad just so happened to be ,in my opinion,the best presidential candidate in my lifetime.If you cannot understand why so many people here do not trust Rand after that,there is not much to say.But I will say that truth,freedom and peace are more important than any politician's career,no matter what their last name is.

To whomever downvoted this..

do you wish to challenge the truth in this post?Let's hear it.Please show me how I am wrong.

I voted for Romney.

I'll most likely vote for whomever the Republican nominee is just to keep a socialist from getting elected in 2016. I sincerely hope that Republican nominee I vote for in November 2016 is Rand Paul.

The way I see it, Rand isn't

The way I see it, Rand isn't ready yet. I do agree with Doug Wead and RP that SOMEONE on our side has to be the politician and play the political game. But someone playing the political game needs to serve more years, before someone can trust him. His track record needs to be more robust.

Now some of us are very harsh on Rand playing the politician. This is only to be expected. Whenever groups of people gather together in politics, the most emotional ones tend to vent their opinions and some measure of radicalization sets in. An unavoidable process IMO. And we can critisize these people on not being rational, but on the flipside, it tends to be the emotional ones that do alot of the legwork required to grow a movement.

It's for above reasons that I see no merit in trying to change people's minds. Rand just has to win back their trust the hard way.

And IMO, while I do agree that we need politicians, I think the times have a greater need for a statesman at the moment. Someone capable of awakening the people. RP is far more effective at that than Rand exactly because he's more of a statesman than a politician. Before we start playing politics that panders to the people, we first need to grow our supporters, so we have a crowd to pander to. I think our numbers are still not sufficient enough and still haven't hit critical mass yet to change the direction of the country. That they could overcome us in the primary and Gary Johnsson's results are indications to me that we still need more numbers.

It may well take two election cycles before we can build sufficient numbers to do a complete takeover of the GOP AND actually win the presidency. RP is more likely to grow those numbers than Rand is. That's why I hope that Ron makes another try at the presidency, even though this man deserves more rest than anyone. I only hope that there will still be an America left to save by then.

explain how anyone but Rand can be our nominee

Can anyone explain any realistic scenario where any other liberty-minded person gets the RNC nomination in 2016?

Napolitano, Woods etc aren't politicians.

Justin Amash is too young and rarely if ever is a US Congressman nominated.

Third parties are impossible. Jesse Ventura has too many high negatives.

Ron Paul is not going to run and they wouldn't nominate him if he did.

Rand Paul is our only option, how can you disagree?

A US Senator is a very powerful position.

Are you guys just that idealistic?

With All Due Respect Political Action

There are those who feel that right now in 2012 the DP should get behind one candidate for President in 2016.

I personally see many negatives in doing so in the same manner that if I was a betting person and planned to go to a horse race for the triple crown in 2016, I would not be picking my horse right now.

1. I recently said let Amash be Amash. I say the same for Rand. Let Rand be Rand. He has a huge and very important job to do as Senator in a predominately Democratic Senate. I am fascinated in watching how he handles it. In doing so, he IS campaigning for whatever position he goes for next. He may well be needed most in the Senate. We have the opportunity to watch him.

2. To spend all of our time trying to sway people on the DP toward any of the party "labels" or even party "faction" labels at this time causes division and detracts from unity needed to build a support base for all true liberty candidates. Non Republican liberty candidates reach audiences a Republican Only faction does not.

3. The power of the Republican Party is in question as it is in flux. Many changes in ideology (I hope) may be in the short term future.

4. The time is right for gaining detractors from all parties by doing it the Ron Paul way ie talking to "anyone" where there are issues that appeal and unite. This is not facilitated at this time by a one party/one candidate fixation.

5. We live in a very strange world where things are happening fast. We have to be ready for the wind to blow in such a direction that new options (black swans...good ones) emerge.

And last, but not least it is not Michael's objective to become the Daily Anyone and it has become tiresome for many of us to have this constant and often only skimming the surface "my candidate not yours" attitude. Just my opinion, but I have a feeling, based on what he has said before, that while RP advocates working within the Republican Party, he would not at this point advocate turning people off by cramming Rep Party down their throats. I don't even think he would feel that at this point in the "game" it is even in Rand's best interest. You run the risk of gaining support for Rand at the same time as you loose support for him. Wouldn't it be better to laud and spread his accomplishments as Senator to the high hilt?

I am not idealistic...I am realistic.


Very good response, thank

Very good response, thank you.

What I posted:

You keep talking about libertarians costing republicans elections. I completely disagree. Republicans lost those elections on their own! More people stayed home & DIDN'T VOTE, than voted either democrat or republican. All a republican candidate had to do to win, was register those people & get them to vote. That's the CANDIDATE'S responsibility, to ignite those fires & motivate the disenchanged.

As far as Rand, I heard him speak at his Dad's rally in Tampa. The crowd was VERY polite & not one person yelled, "Traitor!" When Ron pulled back his campaign in May, that was a fatal blow. When Rand endorsed Romney, that finished Ron off. I heard Rand speak at the convention. The speech was dull & lack lustre. He couldn't hold a candle to his dad. Then, to find out the reason he didn't even say "Ron Paul," or "my dad," was because those were the rules laid out for him in advance, made me sick to my stomach. I would NEVER sell-out like that. If you were there in the convention, you saw that the film of Ron was up first & little attention was paid to it. Then Rand spoke - mostly to yawns.

It's RAND'S responsibility to cultivate his OWN SUPPORT. It won't come automatically from his dad's supporters. Nor should it.

Doug ends this column with an entreaty to go out, get a job & make lots of money. What planet are you on Doug? If the job & housing environment this time wasn't worse enough, I can't imagine what it will be in four years, & I don't see anything coming down the pike that will make things better.


Please consider changing the title. It implies that Doug Wead doesn't trust Rand Paul.

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its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.

Napolitano 2016

Has everyone forgotten about him? I personally would like to see him run. However, I would absolutely support Rand Paul if he ran for president.

I am waiting for Jesse

I am waiting for Jesse Ventura.

On the Dems side it will be Hillary/Rahm
On the Rep side it will be Christie/Craig which Craig? Jenny Craig.

If you walk blindly through life, you will run into a lot of walls.

Ron Paul 2016

While it may sound crazy right now, since Ron Paul seems to be aging slower than everyone else on the planet, if he is still of sound mind and good health in 4 years, he should run yet again. Seriously.

Let's not forget Ronald Reagan was 69 years old when elected

US President in 1980, and turned 70 less than a month after assuming office. He served two full terms, leaving office shortly before his 78th birthday. He was the oldest person elected to the Presidency in US history and the oldest to serve.

i only ask for a long consistent conservative record

As it has always been and always will be.

Some people are never satisfied.

I admit that I am hard to satisfy politically but the level of disdain on here for Rand is really dumbfounding to me. He's the best of what we have left since Ron has retired. BTW who won Rons seat? I didnt follow it. Anyways, I get it, I didn't vote for Romney, dont agree with him, cant do it. But if you cant get behind Rand then there's really something wrong with what you are looking for in a candidate. You are never going to agree with someone 100% of the time. I dont agree with Ron 100% of the time but I know where he stands and I agree with him on about 90-95% so its good enough. Even if you're in the 75-80% range it should be good enough. Rand is the best chance we have of getting the white house. The deficit is going to be the issue in 4 years. It will most likely top 20 trillion and this is where Rand shines, on debt and deficit issues. Anyway, if you have questions about Rand, list out where you agree, and where you disagree and if you find yourself agreeing with 80% or better you should support him. If not I wish you good luck finding someone else to support. You can always write in Ron Paul or your own name. You always agree with yourself 100% of the time LOL

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are you saying...

he is the best "evil" out there?

geez, are we back to that again?

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.

Speak the truth consistenly.

I doubt he will win my trust, and less likely he will win my vote, and no chance i will donate.
People win my trust by saying what they mean consistently. If Rand was "playing politics" with his endorsement, that indicates to me that he is willing to play politics.... I am all out of patience for that.
As Larkin Rose so eloquently put it, Ron Paul was my "gateway drug to liberty." Unfortunately or fortunately, I developed a taste for "bunny hole diving" and went down one hole too many to want to surrender my Creator bestowed rights to any other humans.
And I am doing this with my money:

I consider that use of money far more valuable than anything any politician would do with it.

Ron Paul, in his own words, stayed away from 9-1 because he "could not handle the controversy." OK. Understood. But, that means we need people who CAN handle controversy to move the entwined causes of truth, justice and liberty. Rand has given every indication that he will be MORE timid than his father. If Rand were to have a sudden display of love of truth, I might be moved to reconsider. What do you think the odds of that happening are?

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

What could Rand Paul do to earn my trust?

Well since the establishment is so into population reduction and crypto-eugenics, I'd love to hear Rand Paul stand on a stage and call out these people for what they are.

I would love to hear him make the case for liberty and tell people that when we start drawing lines in the sand deciding who is and isn't "a real person", those you love may be next on the list.

It's long past time to stop fighting their straw arguments and refuse to stay silent. He needs to call out these carbon taxing pro-choice Malthusians who hide behind environmentalism and healthcare to progress their agenda. A poor persons fetus is NOT a disease.

Even the most hard core Atheist who thinks they're surrounded by soulless animals can admit that whatever people are, and whatever we may become is a natural expression of what the earth has created. We're standing on the shoulders of everything that's come before us.

I'd LOVE to see him lay waste to this profane religion of death, hate, and misery.

Check out Rand's book

Check out Rand's book "Government Bullies"... its sort of along those lines..

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I had to chip in here, and

I had to chip in here, and add my gold standard .02 Cents. This book is great, and a real eye-opener. If you read it follow up on the Joel Salatin stuff. This guy is a small farmer featured in the book from VA, he has written books himself urging people to buy local. He's a libertarian to boot, and some great ideas. His self vowed mission is to make people rethink their food universe. Check him out!

*Wisconsin Constitution* Article I, Section 25 "The people have the right to keep and bear arms for security,defense,hunting,recreation or any other law-abiding purpose"

I will.

I need to know just how much Rand Paul knows, and my gut says he knows A LOT more than he'd tell people.

Libertarians need to decide quickly if he's just naive or a self aware puppet.

Rand already has my support,

Rand already has my support, but I'll chip in $1k to RANDPAC if he comes out publicly and calls all of you people assholes who really believed he actually wanted Romney to win.

The 3 RRR's

Run Rand Run in 2016! Get off his case. It was a calculated move and I am sure it was discussed with Ron Paul. Rand is nobody's fool.
There were reasons for it, and I am sure they were very well calculated.

Some of you people who are incensed with him being a "Turncoat", need to just drop it. Rand is anything but!

He never lost my trust and I

He never lost my trust and I am ready for the battle. The Iowa Caucuses are coming quickly, let's get to work! :)

Ron Paul 2012 - It's Almost Here!

Just curious...

Since the drumbeat of GJ post have tapered off is the new drumbeat going to be Rand Paul ?


Depends on who you talk to. I only brought him up because he is

planning a run in 2016, but he's got a lot of making up to do in order to gain the type of support he will need.

This is my request for reparation:

1. Publicly (as in National TV) and completely withdraw the Romney endorsement.

2. Publicly (as in National TV) and personally apologize to each and every PCP and Delegate that laid down their full Ron Paul support and backing in the 2012 run.

3. Publicly (as in National TV) denounce (by name and violation) each and every RNC and GOP leadership member that was involved in the manipulation and dishonesty of the 2012 State and National Conventions.

4. BONUS: State Publicly (as in National TV) that he is only in the Republican party because it is a tool - not because he really wants to be there. And that after this election, he will be leaving the Republican Party for good.

If you do these to adequate satisfaction, I will most likely see to it that every disaffected supporter in my area will be mustered up and put into action for your 2016 Presidential run.

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that "might" work for me...maybe

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.