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UN Agenda 21 Campaigning in FL already

The commercial in the body of the video aired 2 days ago in FL.
(I don't know how to upload video on here, but here's the link to it on FB). This isn't about party lines, so I hope that everyone will get this message out, far and wide, and make ppl think for themselves and with any luck they'll actually read it or at least research it.
Please Share, Educate & Inform. It's A Global Issue ♥

It's not about party lines.
There is a really good book on the matter as well that helps address what to do on the local level called Behind The Green Mask by Rosa Koire (she is a self professed democrat in case anyone needs a tool for a staunch democrat - get them the book)

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If you see something, say something, the government is listening.
Silence isn't golden, it's yellow.

Great post!

They have got everybody distracted with the 'theater for ugly people' and they start playing these death ads now.

Really creepy.

Election is over, time to get to work.

The little old ladies in the tiny county where I live are on to Agenda 21 - I'm not kidding. This looks like they re getting ready to "normalize" it. Chemtrails are still crazy conspiracy theories, but geoengineering is common knowledge. Go figger.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

Yep. Thanks for this....

Bumposaurus Rex.

This is HUGELY important.

I actually just read Rosa Koire's book today while runnin' my still!

"Behind the Green Mask". (which I'm passing on next to a good Republican friend who is a lawyer who does imminent domain work for the state. She'll absolutely sh*t when she sees what this is all about!)

Key is to infiltrate and "un-Delphi" meetings. Inform people the ol' fashioned way.

Flyers, flyers, flyers!

So many dragons to slay these days.... but we can do it all!

What would the Founders do?


Here's a little better footage...er...lack there of.
Omit Beck's ugly mug, stupid grin, and dumb comments.