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First the GOP Establishment needed to fall, but next will be the Democratic Party.

Sometimes, you've just got to let the other team make the mistakes.

As I am happy that Romney did not win, I am lamenting still over Obama getting 4 more years.

There is only minor gridlock now with a Republican Congress. However, Obama still has the Democratic Senate, and the possibility of being able to choose up to 4 new Supreme Court Justices.

We need to keep this in mind... In some ways right now, it is actually a GREAT thing that Obama & Democrats get to screw up big now. They don't want to audit the Fed.? Well, guess what happens when we go into a double-dip recession? When people start getting HUNGRY, the Democratic Party will fall, and this I do believe is coming.

Civil unrest, greed, and dependancy on welfarism will look like Greece in the next few years. (Yes, with the Stock Market losing 300 points today, one of the few stocks going up was Smith & Wesson.)

If the currency & the civil unrest happens now, it falls ALL on the Democratic Party. ALL of it. People that voted for Obama love their welfarism, or it was just a protest vote against Romney. For the time being, Obama could raise taxes, start more wars, and even drone strike a few Americans on his kill list, and people that vote democrat would still think that he can do no wrong.

But when they go HUNGRY... Not just poor, HUNGRY, and they see that it is under their "Dear Leader" Obama, they will leave the Democratic party when there is nothing that can be done for them.
The "Dependency Party" will collapse because of it's poor policies, just as the GOP Establishment has collapsed because of their poor policies.

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