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Did you write-in Ron Paul? Two Weeks Left to Send in Your Affidavits

Nearly 1000 Ron Paul supporters have responded to the effort to fight back against secret--and unconstitutional--voting. This is the largest voting block in modern history to make this statement.

WriteInRevolution.com has received affidavits as statements of 1st Amendment rights from hundreds of RP voters, not to 'count' votes but to allow people to exercise their inaleniable rights against secretive vote counting, where there is no way to prove the votes.

The affidavits are being coalated into excell spread sheets and will be made public as soon as possible. RP supporters, and anyone else who wrote in a liberty-minded candidate--has two weeks from today to send in their affidavits.

Get your affidavit, here: http://writeinron2012.com/write_in_minor_party_voter_affidav...

Just affidavits, no need for anything else. The affidavit is known as res judicata, which means it stands as a proof of itself.

The write-in vote is a protest against a rigged system, which led to the destruction of the potential for a Ron Paul presidency. Everyone knows that the good doctor and his supporters were cheated out of victory through malicious rigging by the GOP of Iowa, while the antagonistic mass media sabotaged Dr. Paul continuously.

The people are struggling direly. A continuation of the Obama regime will only deepen their pain. Our only hope is to put large numbers of liberty-minded candidates in office. That can only be done most efficiently if the vote rigging is eliminated.

Already,the affidavits are being counted and sorted for verification purposes. These affidavits have come in from dozens of states. Please help us make a powerful statement of the total write-in effort by filling out the affidavits, notarizing them, and sending them in. It's easy; just do it!!


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