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McCain/Palin Beat Romney/Ryan in Total Votes

Interesting factoid:

Total votes cast

McCain/Palin 2008: 58,343,671 votes

Romney/Ryan 2012: 57,649,055

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Real US Presidential Popular Vote in 2012

Total sum of votes from current US President Barrack Obama/Joe Biden: 64,498,468

Republican Nominee Challenger Mitt Romney/Paul Ryan: 60,298,998

Libertarian Nominee Gary Johnson: 1,200,000

News source Wikipedia:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_presidential_election,_2012

The important "factoids"

to me is the fact that Obama got far approx. 9 million less votes than 08, AND HE STILL WON!!!
The GOP hit a wall and needs to move away from nominating Bush type republicans.

Virginia was supposed to be a Romney win. He lost by approx. 3%. This in a year that Obama was beatable.

A bunch of other states where biased GOP polling (usually broadcast on FOX or some neocon radio show) put Romney as a likely winner, FL, WI, IA, CO, NV, some dopes had Romney winning PA.

The GOP "momentum" was created by biased polling in an attempt to excite "the base" who were never excited in the first place.

Romney surpassed Mccain

This thread needs to be updated. Romney is currently about a million ahead of Mccain. It looks like about 6 million less people voted this election. That is a pretty big number..almost 5%...enough to swing the election. A good republican candidate could have brought those people out.

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You are right about that.

Romney/Ryan: 59,134,475

Don't get me wrong, they are still losers in my book. Thanks for that info.

For some reason

I find this really hard to believe. The GOP had the momentum going into election day.

Well, dont pick moderates anymore that have a proven record of losing.

The Mormom religion was a issue to alot of Evangelicals

The Mormom religion was a issue to alot of Evangelicals

Just goes to show how stupid

Just goes to show how stupid it was for the GOP to put Romney, who lost to McCain, up against Obama, who beat McCain.

If ignorance is bliss, Washington DC must be heaven.

how sad is that?

how sad is that?

“Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it’s realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy.”
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Another Interesting Stat (Maybe)

I believe, at least the popular vote totals I saw yesterday, that McCain/Palin 2008 also had more votes than Obama/Biden 2012.

Never mind

Looked up the totals, and Obama 2012 is over 60 million, so votes have been added since I last saw so never mind.

Listening to WA news, tens of thousands yet to be counted

Because our state does only mail-in/drop-box voting, the deadline for ballots to be counted being received is days after the election's "over". WA state is in the news again because our governor's race is at a too close to call, 51/49%, Dem over GOP.

Listening to the news this morning, they announced that tens of thousands of ballots have yet to be counted. What responsible media outlet would pretend to be precise with their totals when there are still many ballots yet to be counted, especially from our military they pretend to support?

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Iteresting stat...

Look at this one!

When Fascism goes to sleep, it checks under the bed for Ron Paul!

Wow! what a glaring stat, you won't see the neocons showing that

Gee, who would have guessed that? Crazy constitutionalist Ron Paul would have won.

people were more apathetic

people were more apathetic this election.

The Arrogant GOP

shouldn't have messed with us. At last count, Gary Johnson had 1,139,562 votes. How many wrote in Ron Paul's name? Other 3rd party votes? Stayed home in disgust?

We are in another war for our Independence.

And McCainPalin faced a tougher opponent in 2008.

unvetted Obama as opposed to vetted

Charles Jackson
http://MathIsChristian.wordpress.com Also, read Ron Paul's original staff economist Gary North at http://teapartyeconomist.com/

Those numbers still seem unlikely to me

Having paid so much attention during the primaries, it was astounding how unpopular Romney was. In many states he performed way worse than he did in the 2008 primaries. It's almost as if, the more people see of this d-bag, the less they like him. The fact that Santorum and Gingrich held on for so long speaks volumes to Romney's unlikability.

On the other hand, even though I voted for Obama in 2008, I felt McCain had more integrity than any he shared the stage with (sans Paul of course).

With all that said, I find it incredibly unlikely that Romney only garnered less than a million votes than McCain. This under-represents Christians' discriminatory nature towards Mormonism, too (something the media generally don't address).

Polls always converge on "too

Polls always converge on "too close to call" in the last few weeks before the election. Notice how the actual vote looks more like the polls a month out than like the polls during the last few days.

IMHO this is the pollsters avoiding the risk of calling the election the wrong way and losing credibility. If it's "too close to call" it's not their fault if they get it wrong, eh?

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"Obama’s Economists: ‘Stimulus’ Has Cost $278,000 per Job."

That means: For each job "created or saved" about five were destroyed.

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Or, keep the circus interesting

They need to keep the circus interesting (they're also distributing more bread than ever) in order to keep the people's brains occupied. Can't have it decided before it's over -- except if it's the nomination, that is.

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Moreso that, yeah

Of course they want to cover their own asses with "too close to call", but also the media will always act in a way that is self-necessitating, so of course they'll tell people it's close to ensure they keep watching.

To me, it seemed, like the

To me, it seemed, like the people who supported Romney knew as little about him as they possibly could... "We need a businessman in the White House" or "We've got to get Obama out!"

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we will see

I believe McCain's numbers on the day after the election were lower than what you posted by a little bit. Both candidates ended up adding a couple million to their totals prior to certification, which is normal. We'll see what it adds up to this year.

In answer to your question from earlier: this sucks.


Missouri did not come in for a week later it was that close, then McCain won MO and that states numbers were added.

here's a website with up to date numbers


Romney's closing on McCain's total and will pass him very soon. He's already added around 2 million, and only 4 states have certified their numbers.

the partial counts were being added, right?

FL hasn't been called yet, either. Aren't those included in the total, just like Missouri's partial counts from last time? No state has certified a number yet, and all state totals will be higher than what we see currently. There are probably 5-8 million votes around the country that will be added to the totals still.

I'm getting a lot of...

...e-mails from Republican friends(and a uncle that was a huge Romney supporter) that have reports of election fraud against Romney. These add up to some of the same things going on in the primaries that people on this site have eyewitness or proof on. What is your thoughts on that? Although the Paul votes would have made a difference, it really does appear there was election fraud going on.

there's some level of fraud going on

but it's probably much more on the micro level than the macro level. Maybe fraud added to Obama's lead. But Obama didn't beat Romney because of fraud. He won because he convinced more people to vote for him. The primaries also were not won because of fraud - and the margins there were much higher than in the general election. There will always be anecdotal evidence of a ballot not being counted or of little things like that. You can probably always find some corrupt poll worker somewhere. But there's not a systematic, nationwide effort to completely fabricate elections.

Or Obama won

because Mitt Romney and the Establishment republicans alienated a motivated chunk of voters by pushing a losing agenda of neoconservatism that free market, conservative republicans can't stomach. In addition, neoconservatism is about as divisive of an idea as possible. Liberals have absolutely no reason to vote for a Republican like Romney.

Can we prosecute this pair for felony crimes in Wisconsin now?

Subs for votes?


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Bump for Subgate!

I have not forgotten either. I wonder what the statute of limitations is for this video documented crime?

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