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Wayne Allen Root Predicts Romney Landslide (good for laugh)

"The Romney landslide I predicted back on May 30th, and in the media virtually every day since then, is materializing. The signs are everywhere that Obama is enjoying his farewell tour. These are the last days of his political career. Read on and experience the signs of the huge defeat coming on Tuesday."


I am so glad that Carnival Barker Root, a shyster of the worst sort, showed his true colors.

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We have RINO's now we have

LINO'S. Add Jack Hunter and others to that list.

Don't let the door hit you in the a** on the way out.

The NeoCons and fake libertarians

love to tell us about the disasters of obummer and they are right about that. Unfortunately, the cons have a case of selective memory loss when it comes to reflecting on the Bush years when the NeoCons controlled all 3 branches of gvt. What did they do? The neocons may have forgotten but obviously the majority of voters have not.

Wayne left the LP to join the

Wayne left the LP to join the GOP a month or so ago. Besides his stance on economic issues, the guy is no libertarian.

He's not a libertarian but he

He's not a libertarian but he is right of central casting for the role of a used car salesman or carnival barker. The guy always struck me as a opporunistic buffon, and a crude one at that.



Worth bumping.

Worth bumping.