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Mark Levin said something I can't believe he said.

He just basically said on the radio that Romney lost because the real conservatives, the Tea Party and the Constitutionalists, didn't vote for Romney and held to their principles and said the Republican party hates you, the media hates you, but you're all that is standing between tyranny and basically said thank you.

I still personally don't trust him but I think this is a opportunity for the liberty movement and starting to show signs of our strength in this election.

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If you listen to levin he talks a good game

He quotes bastiat, John Locke, champions the constitution, rails against the fed, the entitlement mentality, favors liberty, lower taxes,BUT THEN trashes Ron Paul!
The only explanation is Levin, who claims to be against the state Leviathan, has no problem with the state running a large aggressive military that polices the world.
Levin often states the "not one dime" should be cut from the military budget.
He also loves Lincoln even though he is aware of Lincoln's despotic actions while President.

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This is what they do!

Yes, this is how he does it!!! That is how he sucks you in. He'll give you enough that you think he get's it, then he'll push some establishment guy (a Rubio or Jindle) on you and tell you they'll be our savior. If anyobdy even bring up Ron Paul (or Ru Paul, as he refers to him) he will do everything in his power to discredit and insult him. Levin will never give credibility to Ron Paul or the Liberty Movement, he's establishment GOP through and through. He's one of the operatives the establishment used to infiltrate and take over the Tea Party. He pretends to be anti-RINO/anti-establishment. Levin said last night that the people didn't show up to vote because they alienated Sarah Palin, never mentioning Ron Paul or the Liberty Movement....and yes, I still listen to those guys because it's important to know what they are doing and saying. That is the only way to fight them. I try to comment on every conservative website out there and call them out as frauds as much as I can. Glenn Beck is even worse than Levin at reeling people in with Liberty talk (other than his outright NeoCon stances...sometimes they just can't help themselves) and then throwing an establishment candidate at you. He also pretends to be this authority on George Washington and gives the impression that George Washington would want you to do what Glenn is telling you.....sick! I believe these guys are our biggest obstacle! Shining light on these guys as frauds should be our main mission right now. These guys have the ear of the people we need, without exposing them, we will never have the numbers to win. Many more people would have went to Ron Paul if these frauds were not there to discourage them.

Levin, Limbaugh, Savage (to a

Levin, Limbaugh, Savage (to a lesser degree), Ingraham, Beck and Hannity are all fake conservatives. They are, I believe, chickenhawks. It's alright for them to go to war on a whim but will not take up arms themselves and would rather have the rest of the American people and their children go to war.

All of them, except I believe, Savage aren't fiscal conservatives. All of them are corrupt republican water carriers and have a twisted sense of Liberty. I think, it was only Savage who criticized the fact that Americans can now be targeted for assassination without a trial. All of them are neocons ( which is a disservice to the term conservatives). Because if you understand conservatism, you'll understand that it is deeply rooted in liberty.

They turn a blind eye on the liberty movement and the youth's huge involvement with it. They side with financial benefactors' interest and just leave enough tinge of conservatism to fool the American public. They are the great pretenders which unfortunately, huge number of people listen to. They have warped neo conservatism to make it appear that it is what conservatives should believe. They have remained silent on the patriot act and the ndaa. They are conservative frauds.

All of them promote trumps Israel's national interest over the US. They don't get it that Israel and the US national interests are not always the same. While they are an ally, (although they have instigated false flags (e.g. USS Liberty Attack) the US actually has no treaty with them. I don't have a problem with them supporting Israel but when it goes against the interest of the US, then they should hold back and remember they are Americans first and Israeli supporters second.

People should call in and call them on their being neocons and more like Israeli lobbyists than conservative Americans.


When listening to Laura I especially enjoy how Ingraham just tries so hard to be a convincing conservative.


Hate Levin!!!

The way he threatened Rand Paul's career if Ron Paul got the nomination was so sickening & unbelievable! I would only believe him if he publicly apologized to them both. He also called all Paul supporters crack pots! Sicko he is! Now that Romney lost he's gonna act like the big bad conservative! This is how he leads people exactly the way he wants them to go, then he throws in his bit of poop so good people will believe him. That's how he got some good people I know and love to lead them into believing Paul was a nutcase! Both him and Rush Limbaugh have done the most damage to those people. More that we know! Screw them...sorry!

amazing...simply amazing

isn't it amazing how all of these constitutional, liberty minded people are now coming out of the woodwork? where the hell were they a year ago? four years ago? thirty years ago? everyone of them dissed dr. paul and his followers at every opportunity. now all of a sudden we are the future? and, gee, how does the gop get young people involved? i just shake my head and laugh at them! most of them are just shilling their latest book.

Levin said he might quit the Republican Party

Said that we gave them Bush, McCain and Romney and then said the liberal moderate Republicans don't work , then gave a couple of examples of good leaders, Rand Paul, Mike Lee, Cruz, and then dissed Rubio.

He's pissed

Hope he makes good of his

Hope he makes good of his promise to quit. The republican party and real conservatives don't need neocons and chickenhawks in the party. That would make it easier for the youth and liberty movement to take back the party.

Question what he says...

I am sure it is all an act. Or maybe he's positioning himself to be one of the top pied pipers of the next political movement. The guy is such a shill and a demagogue. I can assure you not all of these neocon hacks are "pissed" that Obama won because it is A LOT easier to complain about the "other team" than it is to defend their guy. Had Romney won, they would have had a hard time covering for him and the fact that he is Obama 2.0- it gives him 4 more years of his schtick.

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It is an act!

He leads good people astray by his talking their talk, then puts lies in between them. They will believe everything he says because he will speak their language with the lies blended. Last time he did that, the lies were about Paul. Many of those listeners were the ones that thought Paul was nuts(and Rush Limbaugh's). He totally trashed Paul and not to mention he has probably the most annoying voice on the planet!

He's Pissed? Or just trying to stay relevant?

I think it's pretty clear this country doesn't like what the GOP stands for considering Romney couldn't beat the horrible Obama with this horrible economy. So Levin is trying to pretend he's on board with that as well and now he's supposedly moving on to the next wave of politicians (some of which are establishment shills). How about we just all decide that we're all done w/ Levin and his ilk. That he's as guilty as anyone. He put down Ron Paul and Ron Paul supporters so EFF HIM!

Doesn't matter

I still hold true to what I said last year. I will never listen to him, hannity, limbaugh, savage or beck again. They are total frauds who pretend to care about the constitution and liberty. Let's be honest, they all mocked, ridiculed and completely insulted Dr. Paul and us at every turn. It's simple for me. I feel that I have moved beyond looking to establishment mouth pieces to justify my standing in the world. Up theirs! They mean nothing to the liberty movement and nothing to our future. We have made them feel our dedication to liberty and with each passing day we will grow until someday we become a majority that ushers in a new age of enlightenment, responsibility and humanity.

what the?

how'd i get here?

"The two weakest arguments for any issue on the House floor are moral and constitutional"
Ron Paul

When and how long into the show?

I have SiriusXM on Demand and I will look for the audio clip to record if someone can tell me approx. how long into the broadcast it was. I don't feel like listening to an entire Levin show... I can only take so much from him, lol. IE First hour, second or third.

Edit: Nevermind... apparently Levin's show is not OnDemand

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Some people can't tune out

Some people can't tune out because their bosses force you to listen to them or your fired and out of a paycheck and some family members are still brain washed into listening to them and won't give it up.

I just thought it was interesting they mentioned us and that we are winning the war but seems like a lot of people just want to complain about why someone is listening at all in the first place.

I Feel Good

Not once, not even for one minute, have I ever listened to a single word from any of these people. I wouldn't recognize them if they knocked on my door. I don't have a TV and wouldn't watch propaganda shows even if I did. Why don't you all just tune out? Mentioning their names and listening to them just encourages them. You know, you vote with your feet sometimes too.

Levin must be on his biannual

Levin must be on his biannual Liberty Period.

siphon off democrats. tel

siphon off democrats. tel them all to go to www.dailypaul.com

Levin Has a Revelation?!

Wow! That's hard to believe. Whenever I turned him on during last spring and summer, Levin would just be unyielding with his criticism of Ron Paul, his supporters and his policies. It was the same of the other right wing hosts. Got so fed up, for political commentary I'd listen to NPR. It was obviously biased to the left but at least they would be respectful to Ron Paul and his supporters during interviews.

I'd like to ask everyone to write a letter to the right-wing radio hosts in your town or a national one. Suggest one or a couple of Ron Paul's ideas that the GOP must legitimately embrace to attract more people. Could be Audit The Fed, drug decriminalization, less foreign intervention, etc.

Mark Levin = Trash Radio Host

Mark Levin in his own words:


Levin is a fraudulent conservative. He is a Neoconservative and he has no use for libertarian people of any party. He was against Romney while he was for Santorum before he was FOR Romney. Guess whom he was always against? Ron Paul.

"The founders would be ashamed of us for what we're putting up with." Ron Paul

"For the country to get better, it needs more than just politicians. Politicians aren't enough. It needs a resurgence through churches, through revivals, through a spiritual

Beck is much different

I can never respect Levin for the loser he is. Beck means what he says, Ive been following him since 2007.

The opportunity is here, guys. The Tea Party is pissed, libertarians are pissed, constitionalists are pissed......Its time to build a coalition party.

Boehner is going to fold like a newspaper on higher taxes this december. That will be the final straw. I really do see a libertarian-conservative coalition party arising, focused on balancing the budget/fiscal management, and of course restoring constitutional liberties.

Knife In The Back

The day of the Ohio primary Glenn Beck said on air that Ron Paul was tied to George Soros which is a complete lie. If you paid any attention, Dr. Paul was leading in Ohio until Glenn Beck made this statement.

Glenn Beck has been bought and paid for. Glenn and his puppets did nothing but mock Ron Paul. Please get your fact straight before giving this guy any credit. I too was a loyal fan of Glenn Beck. Not anymore!!! I wasted $100.00 when I signed up for GBTV.

Joined the Liberty Movement in Anchorage, Alaska, 1977. Ron Paul supporter since 1983.
In Liberty from the Pacific Northwest.

Don't forget what he did to Debra Medina....

the french kissing Perry scum that he is.

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That was despicable.

Beck is the worst

He was supporting frothy, then gingrich originally. Are you kidding?
I also started out watching beck, but came to my senses not long after. Unfortunately only 50% of his words are of truth,this is what makes him dangerous. He is a professional dis-info troll. He was bought by the Israeli NEOCON lobby. Go back and listen and you can hear the transition clearly around 2010. But maybe thats your bag too.. And btw, Boehner already folded.

beck's wife is Mormon...when Glen "became" Mormon, the next ...

...day he went from fired zoo radio host to major political talk show host.

He was owned by the Mormons division of the powers that be the entire time.

Of course he was going to support Romney.

I’ve said this before and

I’ve said this before and will say it again: Mark Levin—and others like him—will use nice sounding phraseology that appeals to those who are disgruntled towards the federal government. This captures an audience. This gives some sense of security and relief. Then, like the charlatan that he is, will lead astray those folks into supporting persons that belie his rhetoric. He exploits his audiences’ patriotism and passion for policies that, if looked with due care, are contrary to and in conflict with conservative principles, like his support for a massive military establishment and its concomitant wars. He yelps for liberty, for decentralization, all the while advocating a national security state that swallows and destroys the constitutional framework he so prides himself in defending. Those “little platoons” conservatives defend simply can’t be sustained in the face of the federal Leviathan that, it should be obvious, is the natural result of having a standing army, intervening overseas without end, and the complete militarization of the police.

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When Levin talks about the Tea Party or Conservatism

He's talking about the fake co-opted Tea Party and Conservatism as long as we still spend trillions of dollars on "defense". It sounds to me like he wants to go more bat shit crazy for wars and spending than actually embracing our principles.

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    Are you kidding? Levin, the Ron Paul-hating rat that he is...

    ...now has the nerve to say that?

    He bashed us and Dr. Paul as kooks, nutjobs, idiots etc for years.

    No telling how much damage he did to Dr. Paul's efforts.

    I wish only the worst for Levin and all the rest of his "conservative" talk-show, anti-liberty, Ron Paul-hating, hypocritic rats.

    "We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
    -Ron Paul