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Barack Obama wins a cheer from the liberty campaign

Barack Obama wins, causing hope for the liberty campaign. What? You think those who wrote in Ron Paul or voted for a third party candidate ever wanted Mitt Romney to win the presidency? No way! First of all, none of us will vote for someone we do not believe in. If we did, we would have all united and voted Romney in, knowing voting otherwise would cause him to lose.

It was obvious our write-ins would not cause Ron Paul to win, nor would our Gary Johnson votes put the former governor of New Mexico in the White House. Do you really think we wasted our votes? Never!

Just think about it, it is almost as if we strategically planned each and every move like professional chess players. We voted with our consciences, freely, for who we each believed would be the best president of the United States of America.

Those who voted for Johnson did so in hopes...Read more:

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