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Jeb Bush Doesn't know anything about Liberty

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DJAP8iMjSLM in this video i explain why Jeb Bush doesn't know anything about LIBERTY AT ALL :)

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That whole damn

family needs to hang high for treason, war crimes, political assassinations, drug dealing, being Nazi supporters, the Bonus Army plot, etc. etc. etc. (and probably for kidnapping children for Satanic rituals, too...)

All of 'em. Even their sh*tty little Yorkies and the kids, too.

Sorry, but it's a genetic line that simply needs to be STOPPED.

No single family in this country has caused more harm to US citizens and the Constitution and to the just rule of law than the B*sh family.

(Now, if we could just MK Ultra Michael Moore to do the deed!)

What would the Founders do?