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In Colorado Pot legalization got 50,000 more votes than Obama!

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so is it now lawful

to grow hemp?

Not funny

I am tired of people making a joke about pot when people want to talk about legalizing it! There is nothing funny about millions of people getting arrested and put in prison for doing nothing to anyone else but smoke pot. There is nothing to laugh about.

Full text here


Interesting legislation. Includes industrial hemp.

Bad karma, though, for funding schools through the taxation on MJ.

Money will buy you a fine dog, but only love can make it wag its tail. -Friedman

So you think its ok to TAX a

NON TOXIC VEGETABLE??? WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!! for Gods sake...this plant is a GIFT from God..the Sativa and Indica Strains are potent NON TOXIC Medicines that CURE DISEASE!! The oils from these plants are life giving..and we SHOULD be growing these in our backyards..this entire country/planet should be growing this God Send EVERYWHERE! The Ruderalis Strain (no thc)should be growing everywhere for our FUELS our FIBERs and Healthy FOODS! We MUST demand our God Given Rights!! To HELL with your taxing us for growing a NON TOXIC VEGETABLE!! Anyone who thinks differently about this is nuts. We have been LIED to about the Cannabis Hemp Plant, this plant if used for what our Creator INTENDED us to use it for would no longer have us using a DROP of Fossil Fuels..cant have that can we. The FREE medicine we could produce would be a BILLFOLD BUSTER for Big Pharma/Big Oil (same thing..cant make one pill without Petro) cant have that can we? The Fiber this plant produces is UNREAL..Cotton (most petro soaked plant on EARTH just to grow) would be no more..here again BIG OIL chemical fert. insect spray...NOT ONE CENT of this is needed for Hemp Plant..cant have that now can we? And the NUTRITIOUS FOOD from the seeds are second to none!!! We get all of this FOR FREE if we knew something about the CONSTITUTION! TRUE or no???

Cannabis Hemp Oil CURES DISEASE

This is the epitome of a 10th

This is the epitome of a 10th amendment infringement. The federal government legislating a states rights issue is unconstitutional at its core and has no legal foundation whatsoever. Plain and simple. No need to over complicate it.

"It does not take a majority to prevail, but an irate tireless few keen on setting the brushfire of freedom in the minds of men." - Samuel Adams

I hate pot.

It's boring and makes me paranoid. But, it does have its medicinal purposes... more importantly, make it legal and you just threw a financial grenade into the home of every major pot dealer in Colorado. Simple as that... if all this stuff was legal, I'd never do it, unless I had no choice as part of a medical condition. I think Americans are starting to become more tolerant of this view. We have created a major organized crime problem for a hundred years because of this faulty war. Once again, Ron Paul has been right on the money.

Not a pot smoker..well I have tried it

That is some good news for the U.S. :) hope it continues to grow! (lol) also Ben Swann's speech about drugs was very good! Anyways they should look at The Netherlands, I'm over here and it seems fine to me, I actually feel safer here than in many places in the States...so in my humble opinion marijuana is not the problem.

Fear knocked on my door and Faith answered!


it is the funniest thing to hear americans beg for taxes to be placed on marijuana if it would only just be legalized!! what a bunch of morons we have in america.
I hear this time and time again. "please tax marijuana!"
Dr. paul must cringe when he hears americans ask for a new tax....
libs dont even realize what they are saying or doing.
Taxes grow government. alweays have and always will, that is why real conservatives are anti tax.
taxes grow gvt.
read that again pls.

"OH NO! He has a SON?" Neoconservatives and Liberals EVERYWHERE!

Rand Paul 2016

Obama - The College Years

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Hopeful trend; not all voters are idiots


Makes sense

A bag of pot would be a better President than Obama.


Nr, 1 Paul
Nr. 2 Johnson
Nr. 3 Pot
Nr. 4 Obama/Romney

Man, it might just be the

post-election buzz, but I'm gonna start doing shots before visiting the DP because the "headlines" are terrificly hilarious!

Well done!

[drink twice!]

What would the Founders do?