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Audit the Fed looks promising in next year's Senate

The 113th Congress will have 45 Republican Senators.

There are 3 Rs that are questionable in their support for Audit the Fed: Alexander (TN), Corker (TN), and McConnell (KY). They voted against a full audit in 2010.

Let's just assume that if we can get a vote, we'll get full Republican support, which makes 45 supporters.

Begich (AK) is a Democratic cosponsor of this year's bill, which makes 46 supporters.

3 new D Senators are current Representatives who voted in favor of HR 459: Baldwin (WI), Donnelly (IN), and Heinrich (NM). That makes 49 supporters. Hirono (HI) is also a current Rep that was elected as a Senator but she was absent during the vote for HR 459 so I don't know where she stands.

We would probably need two more Senators in support, which could come from Sanders (VT) or the new Independent from Maine, Angus King.

If we can get a vote, I would bet that it passes.

There is an Audit the Fed Phone Bomb planned for this Tuesday, November 13. The Facebook group below has 417 people pledging to call or email their Senators in support of S. 202. Please join us. We really need to get more Democratic Senators to sign on as cosponsors to help our efforts for next year. Begich joined as a cosponsor out of nowhere so please keep up the pressure.


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