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A plea for a new forum to be added to the dailypaul

Ron Paul was beaten, but he is not down. He shall now guide us and the American youth through speeches, education, and truth. What we need is a DP war room, where the discussions can be had of Liberty candidates, and focusing on direct attacks on the likes of Lindsey Graham, and any and all that supported the NDAA and other bad legislation by getting behind their opponents financially and on the web to push for major changes where the neoconservative coup has operatives in place.

We may never have the numbers to elect a Liberty candidate into the White House, but we now know we have the power to deny the GOP a national stage, and with that power comes great responsibility and focus on how to make that change quickly and smoothly. While the main page is a great place to discuss news topics, it will never be able to serve as a strategic planning area as the news we need to focus on will be pushed off the page with the coming gun grabbing, taxing, and anti constitutional progressives we must deal with over the next 4 years.

Money bomb planning, sign waving support, among other things should be centralized, and although I would never "tell" Michael how to run his site, I would request that this be added for those of us who are focused on making real change. Perhaps charging a fee for the link would be a great way to help pay for not only the site, but a percentage going to candidates who are poised to remove the disgusting neoconservative element from the halls of Congress forever.

Many people are discussing how to deal with the backlash of a Romney loss, to treat the battered fake conservatives with respect and so on and so forth, but I would recommend never expecting it from them. My suggestion would be to ignore them and continue to support and vote for the candidates that represent our views as we could not change their minds then, why all of a sudden do people think we can change their minds now?

Instead of compromising, lets make a statement and start making a real difference locally. When we get good representatives in place at local levels they can endorse the next level, the DP war room would be a great place to ensure our support goes in the right direction, but we must start focusing on this ASAP if we are to have any real chance against the well funded, cheating, fraudulent establishment. We do not want to "take our country back", we want our country to be acceptable to all, not a police/military state where drones look into our bedroom windows, not where our people are known to accept torture, and certainly not where representatives of the people are paid off employees of the corporations.

The time is now, and perhaps the last chance we will get for a peaceful solution. Lets get people in power that will unite their constituents and ensure the survival of not only our constitution, but the preservation of the American experiment.

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I support this idea, but only for long-time DP member candidates

If, say, jefferson was running for state delegate, I'd support him any way I could. But if Joe Blow I've never heard of claims to be a liberty candidate and asks for my help, I will not trust him for one minute.

I pondered this myself today

I am going to start working now to start reaching the Romney supporters and pull them to our side. But we need Educations material. I was thinking about putting together a learning course but I just don't have time right now.

If we want to make this a group thing that would be wonderful, i could send them to specific location for education and discussion.

Education materials

Constitution: What it IS, how to apply it today, according to what our founders would(should) have done. (I really enjoyed Judge Naps Mises Speech recently)

Economics: Personally the first time i saw Peter Schiff was when Ron Paul put together those 6 seminars. I watched them all many times to retain what i could, cause it all started making sense.

Politics: We need courses (including myself) on how to apply our knowledge to running for positions. When to and not to say things would also help, training for being a statesman.

Just a few examples...