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Wanted in 2016!

A Ron Paul supporter candidate for President who:

1. Will place the pursuit of liberty ahead of the pursuit of world empire.
2. Will deal seriously with our debt crisis.
3. Won't shred the Constitution.
4. Is willing to tell the American people the truth and rip up the talking points.
5. Won't betray his Ron Paul supporter base the minute he gets into a position of power.
6. Will possess the sense of urgency that the situation demands.
7. Will focus his attention on the biggest, most pressing problems of the day.
8. Is serious about becoming President and Commander and Chief.

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I would, but then who would be boots on the ground?

Amash is on the horizon.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

I would, but I'll only be 21,

I would, but I'll only be 21, so I'm not exactly qualified.